Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Avail of Our Special Packages and Services

Table Reservations and Advance Orders

* Our cafe can only seat 30 people at a time and weekends are pretty busy. It's best to reserve a table for two or for a group and order in advance to save precious time and guarantee sure seats. You can checkout our in-house menu by clicking this link: Call or text your orders to 0906-455-0522 and look for Jabez.

Venue Reservations for Any Occasion

* Our cafe is ideal for intimate gatherings like birthday parties, family reunions, church events, or even corporate meetings for a small group of 10 to 30 people. Order at least Php 8000 worth of food and beverages from our in-house menu ( and enjoy the whole cafe for 3 full hours upon arrival. Additional hours are worth Php 500/hr.

Bulk Orders for Takeout or Delivery

* Too busy to prepare a special menu for an event? Then allow us to cook for you! Our special bulk order menu ( includes food items not included in our regular in-house menu such as Crackling Roast Pork, Baked Eggplant Lasagna, Baked Fish & Spinach Layers, plus a variety of beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetable offerings. Order in advance and we will help you plan your menu for your occasion. Call or text your orders to 0906-455-0522 and look for Jabez.

Coffee Unplugged: Coffee Catering

* We have a coffee catering outfit called Coffee Unplugged (Like us on Facebook: Coffee Unplugged by Cafe Antonio, that offers a wide selection of specialty coffees from all over the world like Colombia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. We brew our coffee using a unique Japanese method of brewing called the "pourover" method--a method wherein we freshly grind and manually brew coffee by the cup and not in batches. The coffees we use (imported and local) are expertly roasted upon order by our friends at Luca & Tosh Coffee Lab and 18 Days Coffee Roaster. We cater to a variety of occasions like weddings, community fairs, meetings, and parties. For bookings, call or text 0922-820-5496 and look for Grace. 

Gift Certificates 

* Looking for a quick and easy Christmas gift? Then give your family and friends Cafe Antonio GCs! Our gift certificates are available in 150, 300, 500, and 1000 Peso denominations. Designed by Jorge Milano.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Coffee Unplugged November Tour

Friday, November 16
Weddings @ Work (W@W) Christmas Party and Supplier of the Year Awards Night 
@ The Blue Leaf, McKinley Hill, Taguig

We were very blessed to be invited by W@W to our very first out-of-town, large-scale coffee catering gig. We geared up for 350 guests composed of brides & grooms, wedding organizers, caterers, and photographers and videographers. Special thanks to my Pop for lending us the Innova for our transportation!
Our friend, Jason from UPLB, volunteered to help us in this gig--his second time since helping out at the Philippine Women's University a month ago. My sister, Grace, was the one responsible for referring us to W@W. She was part of this group several years ago before she and Kuya Herb got married.
Here's Jason and I with Chef Jeff (right). I taught them how to make pourover coffee using Hario V60s and Melitta manual drippers specifically for this gig. It was amazing seeing them brewing with the manual drippers while entertaining questions from the guests. Now they can brew coffee on their own back at the cafe! Special thanks to Jaycee Martinez for lending his Encore Baratza Grinder and coffee beans; Elena Tence for the coffee beans; and Craft Coffee Workshop for the Hario V60s and paper filters.
The Coffee Unplugged Team: Grace Flores-Osio (coordinator, waiter), Herbert Osio Jr. (grinder), Jason Obrero (barista), Jabez Flores (barista), Chef Jeff Aquino (barista).
With Abet Rana, co-founder of W@W. Special thanks to all the suppliers, photographers, and people we met at the booth, you're all awesome!

Saturday, November 18
Juju's Birthday Luncheon 
@ Cafe Antonio Coffee, Los Banos

This is my niece, Juju's, pre-birthday celebration with relatives from Kuya Mark's side of the family. Juju is now three years old.
Juju loves to dance. Here she is in her princess' gown with a king's hat!
Here's Juju's lolo, Tito Jun, together with the Jimenez family and Osio family.
Here's my sister, Joyce, together with Kuya Mark and silly Jujubee; she organized Juju's party.

Monday to Wednesday (November 19 to 21)
 SINoP Christmas Bazaar 
@ IRRI, Los Banos

We were very pleased to be part of SINoP's Christmas Bazaar this year together with several other local entrepreneurs and some food establishments. The proceeds of this event will go to local orphanages and the home for the aged.
Here's a shot of the bazaar's entrance. It was held at the IRRI Club, right beside the gym. We were stationed near the booth of Yellow Cab so we ate a lot of pizza for three days!
Here's Edu and Marisse entertaining some questions from the customers at the booth. For three days, we served coffee and pastries from 7 am to 6 pm.
The Coffee Unplugged Team: Marisse Bonita (coordinator, barista), Jabez Flores (barista), Lucio Alvarez (baby), Faye Hernandez-Alvarez (pastries), Jethro Osio (little boy), and Edu Foronda. We would like to thank Ria for inviting us to this event and to all the new friends we met at the Suhay booth, Yellow Cab, the security guards, and all the other exhibitors. And also to the ate who drinks coffee all day. :)

Thursday, November 22 
Congee & Coffee for a Cause - A Sacrificial Dinner for Avril Madrid 
@ Cafe Antonio Coffee, Los Banos

Just last week, we heard that our friend and orgmate from The Navigators, Avril Madrid, has a tumor in her brain that needs to be removed with a very delicate medical procedure. We immediately organized an event a few days after to help raise funds and pray for her family and husband, Val Madrid.
We sold special congee for one hundred pesos each. We gave 100% of the proceeds to Avril's family.
Here's the Cafe Antonio staff together with the Madrid family and friends from The Navigators. We closed early that day to give way for the event.
Here's Avril's dad and baby together with Val. Let's continue praying for Avril's healing and recovery. Here's an update from Val posted as of this writing:
"We just talked to our neurosurgeon for the family conference. Pls pray that we will have an unremarkable surgery tomorrow 10 am."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bulk Orders and Take-out Menu

Bulk orders are only available for takeout and must be ordered 3 days in advance. If you wish to order the items from this menu for an in-house reservation, an additional 20% of the total bill will be charged. Again, the order must be made 3 days in advance. Thank you!

CHICKEN (Good for 10-12pax)
*choose magnolia free range chicken, just add P65
___Soy Grilled Chicken (6pcs)         650
___ Chicken Lollipop (25pcs)                650
___ Chicken Parmigiana (6pcs)            750
___ Chicken Satay (20sticks)               850
___*Roasted Chicken (1whole)             280

PORK (Good for 10-12pax)
___ Pork Tenderloin Strips (6 pcs)     950
___ Crackling Roast Pork                     1500                           
  ___ Crispy Pata
(2pc/600g fresh weight)                         800
___ Baby Back Ribs (1 whole slab)      500
___ Lumpiang Shanghai (50pcs)           350

BEEF (Good for 10-12pax)
___ Beef Mechado                                1500
___ êBeef Lengua in mushroom sauce    1500
___Callos                                               1500
___ Christmas Meatloaf                        650
___ Shepherd's Pie (9inch pie)              700

FISH/SEAFOOD (Good for 10-12pax)
___ êBaked Fish and
Spinach Layers                                      1200
___ Crispy Fish Fingers w/ tartar sauce or salsa (50pcs)           1000
___ Seared Salmon w/ choice of  pesto or Nuoc Cham (Asian Dressing)    1500
___ Chili Shrimps                                   1500
___ Fish Shanghai (50pcs)                    650

VEGETABLE/ SALAD (Good for 10-15pax)
___ êBaked Eggplant Lasagna            1200
___ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad with Mango Vinaigrette    750
___ Mushroom and Tofu Steak             750
___ Roast Vegetables                            750
___ Waldorf Salad                                 850

PASTA (Good for 10-15pax)
___ Baked Beef Lasagna                      1350
___ Classic Pesto al Pasta                    1000
___ Linguini Carbonara                          850
___ êSeafood Spinach Fettuccini        1500
___ Tomato and Basil Spaghettini         800
___ Spaghetti Bolognese                       850

RICE (Good for 10-15pax)
___ Thai Bagoong Rice                         850
___ Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)   850
___ êSeafood Paella                            1200
___ Yang Chao Fried Rice                    700

___ Apple Cinnamon Muffin                 25/pc
(minimum of 6pcs)
___ Cinnamon Rolls w/ choice of choco or walnut topping                                      40/pc
(minimum of 6pcs)
___ Dinner Rolls (whole wheat)           12/pc
(minimum of 6pcs)
___ Ensaymada w/ Quezo de Bola      35/pc
(minimum of 6pcs)
___ Foccacia Bread                           120/pc

___ êRed Velvet Cupcake/Mini      40/12
(minimum of 6pcs/12pcs)
___ Apple Pie (8.5in)                          600
___ Black Truffle Cake (4in/8in)      350/700
___ Blueberry Cheesecake (9in)        700
___ Fruitcake                                      175
___ Cake Pops                               15/pc
___Cinnamon                                  15/pc
___ Dark Choco Oatmeal               25/pc
___ Double Choco Chip&Walnut     25/pc
___  Fruitcake cookies                    20/pc
___ Semi-sweet Choco Chip&Walnut  20/pc
___ Sugar cookies(20pcs)                   50
___Brownies                                    15/pc
(minimun of 6pcs)
___ Food for the Gods                     18/pc
(minimum of 6pcs)


*Orders must be placed 3 DAYS in advance for take- out orders
*Orders for Christmas Buffet must be placed ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 20 AT 3PM
*Delivery charge of 100Php is required. (Applicable to Los Baños Residents only)
* Pick-up times for Christmas Buffet is UNTIL 9PM ON DECEMBER 24 ONLY.
* In case of lost claim stub, please bring a valid ID.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated Menu and Price List

 * F O O D  *


Finger food and light snacks to share over a nice conversation

Pumpkin Soup…70
Creamy pumpkin soup served with foccacia bread

 Vietnamese Summer Rolls…189
Julienned fresh vegetables wrapped in
 rice paper served with peanut sauce

+ Thai Spring Rolls…159
Shredded cabbage, ground pork and spices wrapped in fried lumpia paper

Crispy Calamari…199
Rings of delectable breaded fried squid
 served with honey garlic dressing

Grilled Quesadillas...169
Thinly sliced tomato, basil, and mozzarella tucked nicely in fresh tortilla served with tomato salsa

Mozzarella Sticks…159
Generous portions of mozzarella bathed in batter and lightly fried in canola oil;
served with tomato salsa

^ Nachos
w/ Chili Beef & Cheese…199
A large plate of nacho chips served with cheese dip and topped with chili beef sauce, olives and chopped fresh veggies

Hickory Chicken Wings…189
Tender chicken wing portions cooked in rich, smoky hickory sauce served with ranch dressing


Healthy fresh veggies to accompany your meals

Arla’s Fresh Vegetable Salad…169
Our signature salad made with lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices, ripe mangoes, and seedless grapes served with homemade
mango vinaigrette

Apple, Walnut & White Cheese Salad…189
A refreshing mix of lettuce, sliced apples, walnuts, and diced white cheese

^ Barbecue Salad…189
Juicy chicken barbecue breast pieces in sour cream dressing topped with veggies,
tortilla chips and sweet corn


Hearty and healthy meals served with our signature side salad; good for 1-2 persons

+ Soy Grilled Chicken…200
Tender quarter leg chicken in rich and sweet soy sauce; our bestseller

+ Beef Lengua…275
Melt-in-your-mouth slices of lengua in warm and creamy mushroom sauce

+ Pork Tenderloin Steak…220
A hefty portion of tender pork marinated in classic pork steak sauce
with sautéed white onions

^ Spicy Beef Curry…250
Hearty chunks of bottom round beef cuts in homemade curry sauce served with warm
roti bread

Chili Shrimps…295
Large succulent pieces of whole shrimp sautéed in a unique chili sauce

R Lime-Baked Fish Fillet…220
A thick fillet of cream dory bathed in a thin, buttery sauce with hints of citrus

Fish n’ Chips…250
Mouth-watering pieces of crispy, breaded cream dory fish fillet served with our homemade potato fries

Mushroom & Tofu Steak…200
Generous portions of stir-fried tofu and shitake mushrooms sautéed in a light sauce


+ Seafood Spinach Fettuccine…275
A symphony of seafood classics: half-shell mussels, juicy shrimp, and succulent squid in spinach fettuccine

Spicy Tuna Pasta…220
Hot and spicy tuna flakes in tomato sauce and penne topped with creamy white sauce

^  Tuyo and Black Olive Pasta…220
Crunchy bits of local tuyo fish (dried herring) cleverly combined with thin slices of
juicy black olives in spaghettini

 Classic Pesto al Pasta…189
Simple yet delectable original recipe pesto sauce in spaghettini

+ Linguine Carbonara…200
Liberal amounts of juicy bacon bits and mushroom mixed in a thick and
 creamy white sauce and fettuccine

 Tomato & Basil Spaghettini…200
A splendid mix of fresh juicy tomato chunks tossed with garden-grown basil leaves in spaghetinni

^ Vigan Longganisa Pasta…250
Hefty slices of Vigan Longganisa with tomato and basil in spaghettini


Freshly baked, homemade 12-inch, thin crust pizza (8 slices)

All Cheese Pizza…225
A trio of three cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan

 Margherita Pizza…245
A classic Italian combination of mozarella, basil, and tomato

+ Smoked Pepperoni &
Mushroom Pizza…279
Loaded with liberal amounts of pepperoni, mushroom slices, and mozzarella, this is our bestselling pizza

Tuyo & Black Olive Pizza…279
Crunchy bits of local tuyo fish (dried herring) cleverly combined with thin slices of juicy black olives in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

^ Vigan Longganisa Pizza…279
Hefty slices of Vigan Longganisa with tomato sauce, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese.

^ Seafood Pizza…315
A symphony of seafood classics: half-shell mussels, juicy shrimp, and succulent squid tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese


Café Antonio’s Burger…220

Australian Style Burger with 100% beef, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, choice of  pickled jalapenos or pickles, juicy tomato, and lettuce on a freshly baked, whole wheat bun; served with homemade potato chips


Grilled, pressed sandwiches loaded with filling and fresh ingredients

Veggie Panini…159
A vegetarian’s delight filled with zucchini, onions, tomatoes, basil, and juicy bell peppers in homemade foccacia bread

Bacon and Ham Panini…159
Meat-eaters will enjoy generous strips of crispy bacon and juicy spiced ham placed side by side with sweet white onions in foccacia bread

Lemon Chicken Panini…159
Tender, grilled chicken breast strips marinated in lemon served with mixed fresh garden veggies in foccacia bread

Spicy Sardines Panini…159
Filling pieces of hot and spicy sardines in oil with fresh garden veggies in foccacia bread

| RICE |

White Rice…20
 Brown Rice…30


Mashed Potato…55
Roti Bread…30
Homemade Potato Chips…65
Salsa Dip/Cheese Dip…20
Scoop of Ice Cream...25


+ Red Velvet Cupcake…40
Blueberry Cheesecake…70
Apple Pie ala Mode…80
R Sugar-Free Black Truffle Cake…95
^ Mississippi Mud Pie…100
Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie...25

*  B E V E R A G E S  *


Single Origin (SO) Specialty Coffee
Freshly roasted, specialty grade, single origin coffees from Latin America and Africa expertly roasted by Luca & Tosh Coffee Lab in Subic; ground and brewed to order using the manual drip pourover method

Brazil Serra Negra
With notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Costa Rica Monte Paso Microlot
With brown sugary notes and refreshing zest
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Nicaragua Jinotega Angelina Estate
With notes of milk chocolate, malt, and lemon
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Columbia Huila Guadalupe Estate
With notes of cocoa and hint of fruit and nuts
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

El Salvador Apeneca
With notes of tangy cider and soft black peppery spice
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Guatemala Finca La Providencia
With butter caramel mouthfeel with bright fruity notes
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Ethiopia Sidamo
With jasmine aroma and lemon tea,
citrus notes
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Rwanda Peaberry
With lively peach-apricot acidity and sweet tea-like finish
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Kenya Karumandi
With subtle grape acidity with medium body and clean finish
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Premium Philippine Coffee Blends
Freshly roasted, premium local coffees from all over the Philippines expertly roasted by 18 Days Coffee Roaster in Makati City; ground and brewed to order using the manual drip pourover method

Owltonio Blend
Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa; special blend
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Sleepy Time Blend
100% Philippine Arabica; less caffeine
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Hardcore Blend
Liberica & Robusta; Kapeng Barako
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Custom Coffee Blends

Happy Day Blend
Costa Rica Monte Paso (50%)
& Rwanda Peaberry (50%)
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100

Make Your Own Blend
Cup (8 oz)…90 | Mug (12 oz)…100


Choose between our three premium blends, OWLTONIO BLEND, SLEEPY TIME BLEND, or HARDCORE BLEND, for your espresso or espresso-based beverage; available hot or iced

Single Espresso…65
A rich and creamy shot of coffee with bittersweet taste and roasty,
dark chocolaty body

Doppio Espresso…95
A double serving of our rich espresso served in a demitasse

Americano…75 | 85
A shot of espresso with steaming hot water

Café Latte…95 | 120
A shot of espresso with steamed milk and a small amount of foam finished with
a nice latte art

Cappuccino…95 | 120
A shot of espresso with perfectly textured milk topped with creamy foam and dusted with cinnamon

Honey Latte…100 | 125
A standard serving of a Café Latte mixed well with a shot of pure honey

Honey Cappuccino…100 | 125
A standard serving of a Cappuccino blended nicely with a shot of pure honey

Spanish Latte…105 | 130
A Café Latte made with warm, sweet condensed milk and steamed full cream milk

Vanilla Latte…130
A Café Latte blended delicately with mild vanilla syrup

Hazelnut Latte…130
A Café Latte with a fair amount of hazelnut syrup that complements well with the espresso

Caramel Latte…130
A Café Latte with an ounce of aromatic and sweet caramel syrup

Caramel Macchiato…130
An espresso-based beverage with textured milk and a shot of thick and creamy caramel sauce

Café Mocha…130
An espresso-based beverage combined perfectly with steamed milk and rich dark chocolate sauce

Café White Mocha…130
A Café Mocha variation made with sweet and creamy white chocolate sauce

An espresso-based dessert made with a double shot of rich espresso and three scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream

Babyccino w/ Honey…80
A non-coffee version of a Honey Cappuccino for kids

Trippings of the Day (TOD)…100
Watch out for our baristas’ spontaneous creations throughout the day!

Ice-blended, espresso-based milkshakes topped with whipped cream. Choose between our three premium blends, OWLTONIO BLEND, SLEEPY TIME BLEND, or HARDCORE BLEND, for your Frothiccino

Mocha Frothiccino…150
Espresso, full-cream milk, and dark chocolate blended with crushed ice

White Mocha Frothiccino…150
Espresso, full-cream milk, and white chocolate blended with crushed ice

Caramel Frothiccino…150
Espresso, full-cream milk, and caramel blended with crushed ice

Red Velvet Frothiccino…170
Espresso, full-cream milk, white chocolate and raspberry syrup blended with crushed ice and topped with white chocolate bits and red sugar crystals

Black Forest Frothiccino…170
Espresso, full-cream milk, dark chocolate and cherry syrup blended with crushed ice and topped with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate shavings, and maraschino cherry


Full-cream milk blended with ice cream topped with whipped cream, maraschino cherry, and dusted with cinnamon

Vanilla Milkshake…100
Chocolate Milkshake…100
Strawberry Milkshake…100
Vanilla Sky White Chocolate Milkshake…130


Blue Crush…80
Refreshing calamansi and citrus soda slushy

Granita Blush…80
Grenadine and cherry slushy with maraschino cherry on top

Annoying Orange…95
Orange juice and orange soda ice slushy

Peachy Mango…95
Mango juice and vanilla ice cream fruit shake

Creamy Pineapple…95
Pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream fruit shake

Fresh Fruit Shake…99
Ask our barista for fruits in season


Canned Fruit Juice…50
Hot Tea in Teapot…60
Iced Tea…60
Iced Tea Decanter (1L)…150
Calamansi Basil…70
Calamansi Basil Decanter (1L)…180
Bottled Teas & Juices…90


Owltonio Blend (250 g)…250
Sleepy Time Blend (250 g)…250
Hardcore Blend (250 g)…250
Owltonio Blend Gift Pack (250 g)…350
Single Origin Coffee from Luca & Tosh…400