Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy Week Schedule

Hello friends! We will be open on MONDAY, MARCH 25, 11 am to 10 pm.  
Holy Week Schedule:
March 25 to March 27 - OPEN
March 28 (Thursday) - CLOSED
March 29 (Friday) - CLOSED
March 30 (Saturday) - CLOSED
March 31 (Easter Sunday) - OPEN at 12 pm
April 1 (Monday) - CLOSED | Start of Summer Coffee Workshop Batch 1

Monday, March 11, 2013

Company Fitness Program, Women's Day; Start of Summer Coffee Workshops

March 2, Saturday
Company Fitness Program in cooperation with 
Red Gloves Boxing Gym @ Monde M.Y. San Corporation, 
Carmelray Industrial Park 2, Calamba, Laguna

Red Gloves Boxing Gym owner, Mark Arago, believes in a holistic approach to fitness and health. Good health is not just about your exercises and workouts, it's about your lifestyle. And food is a major part of our lifestyle. That's why in his  fitness program for the employees of Monde M.Y. San Corporation he included us in his presentation for the meal planning aspect.

That's me discussing the importance of diet in lifestyle modification and how to prepare simple, practical and healthy snacks after a workout.

Mark integrates the workout aspect and diet aspect of the program before we let the employees taste the free snacks that the Cafe Antonio staff has prepared.

Employees sample our basil, tomato, and white cheese on Skyflakes; tomato and onion on Skyflakes, and simple mandarin orange garden salad with garlic mayo dressing. Yum!

March 7 - 8, Thursday to Friday
International Women's Day Health and Wellness Fair @ International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Laguna

The Gabriela Blend Coffee by 18 Days Coffee Roaster was a hit during the 2-day fair! Many people were looking for local coffees and when I told them that the blend has four species of Philippine coffee in it, it wasn't that hard to sell. Buyers were given a free brewed cup of coffee after the purchase. I used our new manual brewer, the Clever Dripper, for this gig by Coffee Unplugged. It was our first time not to bring Hario V60s or Melittas drippers. The coffee bag labels were made from recycled cardboard boxes.

This photo was taken on Day 2 of the fair. I didn't have time to cut out cardboard sleeves so I just wrote the labels in pink paper and stapled it on the bag. We ran out of Gabriela Blend coffee so I just sold our regular trio of blends (Owltonio, Sleepy Time, and Hardcore) and some single origins coffees from Luca and Tosh Coffee Lab.
A women's livelihood group from Rizal, Laguna asked us to display their handmade quilts at the cafe. Coincidentally, I saw the announcement for the Women's Day fair so I thought it was an appropriate venue for such wonderful works of art. The quilts were meticulously hand-stitched by 4 talented women trained by Ruth Mauk of Rizal Re-Creation Center.

Here's the very simple setup: Sealer, water heater, grinder, Clever Dripper, and digital weighing scale. I must say, the Clever and the box was an eye-catcher!

Attention! All aspiring coffee entrepreneurs, baristas, coffee enthusiasts, and home brewers, this fun workshop is for you! 

agKAPEtayo Cafe in Agoo, La Union. Owner, Rem de Leon, was our student last October 2012. Glad to see him having fun in his shop!

April 1 - 5, Monday to Friday 
Summer Coffee Appreciation and Barista Workshops 
(1st Batch)

April 15 - 19, Monday to Friday
Summer Coffee Appreciation and Barista Workshops 
(2nd Batch)

April 29 - May 3, Monday to Friday 
Summer Coffee Appreciation and Barista Workshops 
(3rd Batch)

May 13 - 17, Monday to Friday
Summer Coffee Appreciation and Barista Workshops 
(4th Batch)

Please e-mail us at for full schedule, rates, and training packages!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chef's Specials and Lenten Season Menu for the Month of March

Japanese Sesame Crusted Fish with Herb Rice served with Mango Salad (Php 230)

Crispy Fish Burger with Tartar served with Potato Chips (Php 250)

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Spaghettini with Foccacia Bread (Php 275)

* Get a FREE boxing session from Red Gloves Boxing Gym for every purchase of our Chef's Specials. Stay fit and eat right!


Crispy Calamari - 199
Lime-Baked Fish - 220
Fish n' Chips - 250
Mushroom and Tofu Steak - 200

Seafood Spinach Fettuccine - 275
Spicy Tuna Pasta - 220
Tuyo and Black Olive Pasta - 220

Tuyo and Black Olive Pizza - 270
Seafood Pizza - 315
Spicy Sardines Panini - 150