Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iced El La-BERRY-nto

/poster design by Dan Sta. Romana/

UPLB Genetics Society stages El Laberinto de la Verdad
INQUIRER.netFirst Posted 17:17:00 08/15/2008

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna—The UPLB Genetics Society will stage El Laberinto de la Verdad (The Labyrinth of Truth), three one-act plays written by Palanca-winning playwrights.

Ang Mga Mananahi tackles socio-political issues, Isang Libong Tula para sa Dibdib ni Dulce is a psycho-drama play, while May Isang Alamat has the environment as its theme.

They are written by Rogelio Braga and Layeta Bucoy.

El Laberinto, which is a silver anniversary presentation of the UPLB Genetics Society, is under the direction of Prof. Elmer Rufo.

It will be staged at the D.L. Umali Auditorium at the University of the Philippines, Los Baños on September 8 and 9.

For ticket inquiries, please contact the director (09217216027) or Mr. Stanley Roy Carrascal (09174101428).

/poster design by Dan Sta. Romana/

Watch one talented customer who walked in the cafe and gave a free concert!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An "Adventurous" Birthday (in the words of Dan)

Joey Ramone tells you to buy our ChocNut Frothiccino!

Welcome to Cafe Antonio! We had nothing to do so we made cartoon cut-outs of ourselves. That's Dan, me, and Retz.

Happy 21st bday Dan! Go ahead and enjoy your new friend. We surprised him yesterday by opening early and adjusting the clock 30 minutes ahead. Ate Marisse baked a chocolate cake and eclairs. Joyce and the guys gave Dan a flashlight, hand fan, and small bag from Japan Home Center. Then we gave him the Joey Ramone action figure wrapped in a makeshift cardboard guitar filled with newspaper, a couple of metal bars, and a 1.5 liter Coke bottle we put inside a guitar case so it would appear that we would be giving him a bass guitar. But he wasn't disappointed at all, he loves his Joey Ramone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Battle of the Bands!

Cantonnites, support Spoonbridge! 8pm sa Java Avenue, Musikaunlaran ng UP ADS. Happy anniversary to you!

We will play 1 cover song, No One Loves Me Like You by Jars of Clay, and one original composition written by Jabez (ako yun, hehe), Save Him From the Lie. Please watch, astig to!

Spoonbridge members:
Beni Samiano - vocals
Jabez Flores - keyboards/background vocals
Retz Causapin - bass
Fidel Rodriguez - drums

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cafe Buzz

Here's some Cafe Antonio products you won't see posted at the cafe. Remember to ask Retz the Cashier for it.

Raspberry Mocha Frothiccino - Php 95
Strawberry Mocha Frothiccino - Php 90
Raspberry Mocha Frajelli - Php 90
Iced Raspberry - Php 75
Raspberry Milkshake - Php 55
Raspberry Iced Tea - Php 50
Strawberry Iced Tea Blended - Php 50
Caramilkshake - Php 60
News Bits
* The Cafe Antonio family would like to say thanks to Nica for everything she has done for the cafe and making Cafe Antonio ELBI a reality. We wish her good luck and God bless on her endeavors and future plans.
* Two twisters hit the cafe last week. We're still alive, thank God! It was a real adrenaline rush. It's just one of those days where we le
learn to appreciate and value our lives, hehe.
* It's Dan's (the cook) birthday on Saturday, August 23. Happy birthday dude!
* Neil Rebua, our new 4 to 7 pm barista, will officially start this week. To Neil's friends, please come on his shift and order a ton of Chocolate Milkshakes, that's his favorite drink to prepare. Go Neil!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

ChocNut and Raspberry Mocha Week

The Raspberry Mocha was just introduced last Friday. And yet our bottle of raspberry syrup is already half empty. Frothiccino fans can have this for 95 pesos, iced tea fans can also splash some raspberrry in their regular or blended varieties. For milkshake people, yes, you can have raspberry milkshake too. For those who like hot coffee, we can make you a cafe raspberry mocha. Make sure you try it this week!

ChocNut Frothiccino! Only 120 pesos

They're the first people to order the ChocNut Froth

Here's our biker/investor, Pastor Chito

One of their bikes

Cayo and Hazel, Padey's friends

Monday, August 4, 2008

Scented Candles are More Fun than Lamps

It was 2 pm when the whole Grove area lost power. We finished our staff Bible study with my mom at 3 pm and still there was no electricity. Quarter to 4, what will we do if the power doesn't come back before we open? Yes, we mustered our courage and opened our doors at exactly 4 pm. The only available drinks were iced regular andiced coffees, and for food we can only serve muffins, cookies, and chips.

To our surprise, people came! What?! People really did come to our dark, and eventually (thanks to Julius and Jeg's 3 packs of scented candles) candle-lit cafe! Here's some pictures...

Here's our first 3 customers. They're 04 BS Nutrition students, they told us they know Joyce.

Here's Jeg and I creating the illusion that we're eating pasta and drinking coffee even though both items are not available. Hehe.
Here's what we did to pass away the time. It was hot inside. Hey wait, so who's at the counter?

Iced Tea R, they kept on coming!

Julius singing his rendition of Muita Bobeira by Luciana Souza

We had to bring out another table to accommodate more customers who can't stand the heat inside the cafe.

Well, more people came. This was Jeg's idea.

This is Julius' idea.

Ahh... nice mood lighting... we love our customers! It eventually rained outside, so everybody went in.

Lighting effects

Cozy couch area plus scented candles, perfecto!
FLAVOR OF THE MONTH (AUGUST) - CHOCNUT FROTHICCINO, only Php 120! Ask RETZ the cashier about it when you order.
Photos by Dan Sta. Romana (

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strongest Week in Months!

We are all truly amazed at how the faithful and loyal citizens of ELBI have supported us this week. The cafe didn't have an empty chair for six days and for the sixth day we opened our doors until 2:30 am.
Retz, Dan, and I were in superhuman mode the whole week, opening at 4 pm no matter what. Sometimes Dan and I would open the shop while Retz did the errands and one time Retz had to open the shop by himself.
Our new barista, Julius or Julio, was a HUGE help. He took the pressure off me from 4 pm to 7 pm while I was keeping track of our expenses and inventory. He had good practice when a group of 20 Koreans ordered a ton of drinks. He stayed until 10 pm that day. I'm really proud of him because he already learned how to make all the drinks including our specials in just one week.

He will be officially starting as my parttime 3-hour replacement this week.
Joyce was sick for most of the week but she came back on Friday and Saturday even though she's not yet a hundred percent. She's our Ms. Minchin and we miss her when she's not around to manage our rowdiness.
Our batchmate, Tenten, came to visit yesterday. I haven't seen her in years. Our other batchmate, Elmer, was also there.