Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cafe Buzz

Here's some Cafe Antonio products you won't see posted at the cafe. Remember to ask Retz the Cashier for it.

Raspberry Mocha Frothiccino - Php 95
Strawberry Mocha Frothiccino - Php 90
Raspberry Mocha Frajelli - Php 90
Iced Raspberry - Php 75
Raspberry Milkshake - Php 55
Raspberry Iced Tea - Php 50
Strawberry Iced Tea Blended - Php 50
Caramilkshake - Php 60
News Bits
* The Cafe Antonio family would like to say thanks to Nica for everything she has done for the cafe and making Cafe Antonio ELBI a reality. We wish her good luck and God bless on her endeavors and future plans.
* Two twisters hit the cafe last week. We're still alive, thank God! It was a real adrenaline rush. It's just one of those days where we le
learn to appreciate and value our lives, hehe.
* It's Dan's (the cook) birthday on Saturday, August 23. Happy birthday dude!
* Neil Rebua, our new 4 to 7 pm barista, will officially start this week. To Neil's friends, please come on his shift and order a ton of Chocolate Milkshakes, that's his favorite drink to prepare. Go Neil!

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  1. sure sige :D hahaha... Neil Rebua!!! yung aking choco milkshake!! hahaha... i-ready mo na!!