Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strongest Week in Months!

We are all truly amazed at how the faithful and loyal citizens of ELBI have supported us this week. The cafe didn't have an empty chair for six days and for the sixth day we opened our doors until 2:30 am.
Retz, Dan, and I were in superhuman mode the whole week, opening at 4 pm no matter what. Sometimes Dan and I would open the shop while Retz did the errands and one time Retz had to open the shop by himself.
Our new barista, Julius or Julio, was a HUGE help. He took the pressure off me from 4 pm to 7 pm while I was keeping track of our expenses and inventory. He had good practice when a group of 20 Koreans ordered a ton of drinks. He stayed until 10 pm that day. I'm really proud of him because he already learned how to make all the drinks including our specials in just one week.

He will be officially starting as my parttime 3-hour replacement this week.
Joyce was sick for most of the week but she came back on Friday and Saturday even though she's not yet a hundred percent. She's our Ms. Minchin and we miss her when she's not around to manage our rowdiness.
Our batchmate, Tenten, came to visit yesterday. I haven't seen her in years. Our other batchmate, Elmer, was also there.

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