Monday, February 27, 2012

Say Goodbye to Stale Coffee Beans!

We're now selling 250 gram bags of freshly roasted coffee (bean form or ground) for only Php 250 pesos each. Available blends: Owltonio Blend (special 3 coffee species blend), Sleepy Time Blend (100% Philippine Arabica), and Hardcore Blend (Kapeng Barako). Coffee beans are roasted upon order so please text or PM me for advanced orders. 0906-4550522. Thank you!
Also try any of our 3 new blends on any coffee beverage on the menu! Example: Black Forest Hardcore Blend; Iced Latte Sleepy Time Blend; Cappuccino Owltonio Blend. The combinations are limitless! You can also order 250 gram bags of our coffee for home use or as a gift for any occasion.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Four New Coffee Blends Now Available!

 Starting this week, Cafe Antonio will offer FOUR (4) different blends of coffee for our brewed coffee (pressed or pour-over) and espresso coffee.

1) OWLTONIO BLEND - this blend is a mixture of Philippine-grown coffee from 3 different coffee species: Arabica, Robusta, and Exelsa. This coffee has a good body and a smooth and sweet finish. Sweetness is even more prominent when it cools down a bit.

2) SLEEPY TIME BLEND - this blend features different Arabica varieties grown in the Cordillera region. This is highly recommended for those who want less caffeine in their cup of coffee since Arabica has lower caffeine content compared to other species of coffee. This is a great substitute for decaf coffee.

3) HARDCORE BLEND (Kapeng Barako) - a classic Pinoy favorite. Bold and intense, great for those who need a caffeine jolt.

4) Brazil Santos Blend - an imported coffee blend from the Santos region in Brazil. Light to medium body with a chocolaty aroma. Excellent for lattes and other milk-based espresso beverages.

See our complete menu at our official blog at

Our coffee is delivered freshly roasted every week and is ground upon ordering to ensure a high quality cup of coffee. Please tell your family and friends to order and pre-order whole bean coffee or ground coffee at our shop.

Mobile Number: 0906-4550522

Let's support the local coffee industry!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Article from The Indie Culture

That Indie Coffee Shop

Jabez Flores - General Manager/Senior Barista at Cafe Antonio

UPLB – known for its diverse student and professional community. From PhD practitioners to BS Party students (who happen to be graceful crammers, wink), it’s been a tough market for establishments such as Café Antonio. People just come and go, so shops that survive in this town for more than 4 years are already called, in Filipino language, “institusyon”.

Café Antonio has been brewing coffee for the UPLB community for more than 4 years now, but it’s not what caught our attention. Of course the coffee is very excellent; every cup reflects ‘Honor and Excellence’ because the shop was started by UPLB graduates.

From time to time, Jabez Flores would let a customer try out a new flavor he’s perfecting. The 25-year-old barista and manager has always been passionate about brewing coffee, giving the customers a warm welcome, and engaging in conversations with them. One UPLB student even remarked that, ‘even though I have recently met these people and I just came in to read a book, mapapatambay talaga ako dito’ (I’m compelled to stay). This is one reason why, even amidst the changing people in UPLB, the café maintained its name.

Cafe Antonio at the new location

Canton recently moved to another site, from the prominent LB Square to a location farther from the university, at Maahas, where it became neighbor to one of our favorite fine-dining restaurants in LB, Arla. But, the café never changed its indie feel. The secluded ambiance made it more possible to relax in the café when you just feel stressed from work and acads. Plus, there are additional surprises on the menu. Baz told TIC that the café is now venturing to tourists and professionals as the café’s target market; still, he hopes that there would be jeepneys having a College-Bay route so students could get a single, straight ride to the cafe.

One more thing that won the hearts of the UPLB community is the trademark of the café as home for the Indie bands in LB. Café Antonio Sessions became a helpful stage for Indie bands and artists to showcase their music and get to know each other, making the Indie music scene stronger. It’s not only the stage, but also the support that the musicians give each other, that makes Café Antonio sessions an effective way to bridge the gap. There will still be sessions in the new site, and there are new names up for the show.

For more tidbits about Café Antonio, you can like them on Facebook:

Also, watch out for the exclusive interview of Cafe Antonio on our YouTube channel. click here.

coming soon is an in depth and exclusive feature of Cafe Antonio out on The Indie Culture magazine.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Cafe Antonio's Beverage Menu (as of Feb. 4, 2012)

* all photos courtesy of Zadl Suministrado

* Brazil Santos - 90 (8 oz) 100 (12 oz)

ESPRESSO BAR (also available ICED)

Espresso - 65 (Single, 1 oz) 95 (Doppio, 2 oz)
* A shot or two shots of rich and creamy, bittersweet coffee topped with a golden crema

Espresso Macchiatto - 75 (1 oz)
* A shot of espresso marked with foam

Espresso Con Panna - 90 (1 oz)
* A shot of espresso with whipped cream

Americano - 75 (8 oz) 85 (12 oz)
* A shot of espresso with hot water

Cafe Latte - 95 (8 oz) 120 (12 oz)
* A shot of espresso with steamed milk and a little foam

Cappuccino - 90 (6 oz) 120 (12 oz)
* A shot of espresso with steamed milk with more foam than a Cafe Latte. Garnished with cinnamon powder

Sweet Latte - 100 (8 oz) 125 (12 oz)
* A Cafe Latte pre-sweetened with sugar syrup

Sweet Cappuccino - 95 (6 oz) 125 (12 oz)
* A Cappuccino pre-sweetened with sugtar syrup

Spanish Latte - 95 (8 oz) 130 (12 oz)
* A Cafe Latte made with steamed milk and condensed milk

Flavored Latte (Hazelnut/Caramel/Vanilla) - 130 (12 oz)
* A Cafe Latte combined with your desired flavored syrup from Torani

Cafe Mocha/White Mocha - 130 (12 oz)
* A shot of espresso combined with steamed milk, foam, and rich chocolate/white chocolate sauce

Caramel Macchiatto - 130 (12 oz)
* A shot of espresso with steamed milk, foam, garnished with a thick caramel drizzle

Affogato - 110
* A dessert beverage made with a shot of espresso and vanilla ice cream

Velutto - 110
* A thick and rich fusion of espresso, vanilla ice cream, shaved ice, and sugar syrup combined in a shaker.

Hot Chocolate - 100 (12 oz)
* Piping hot chocolate and milk topped with whipped cream

Babycino - 70 (8 oz)
* A small serving of steamed milk and foam for kids. No espresso. Topped with cinnamon

FROTHICCINO (ICE-BLENDED COFFEE made with fresh espresso, 16 oz)

Mocha - 150
White Mocha - 150
Caramel - 150
Black Forest - 170
Red Velvet - 170


Vanilla - 80
Chocolate - 80
Strawberry - 80
Vanilla Sky - 130
* White Chocolate milkshake topped with vanilla ice cream


Iced Tea - 60

Granita Blush - 80
* A delightful combination of iced tea and grenadine syrup blended with shaved ice and topped with a maraschino cherry

Blue Crush - 80
* A refreshing ice-blended calamansi and soda-based beverage

Peachy Mango - 95
* Mango juice shake blended with vanilla ice cream

Creamy Pineapple - 95
* Pineapple juice shake blended with vanilla ice cream

* Chardonnay - 90
* Pinot Noir - 90
* Rose - 90

Snapple (Grape Berry Punch/Peach Green Tea) - 60
Premier Bottled Water - 30

DAKO! - Sixty Four ounces (64 oz) of ANY ice-blended or ice-based drink. Good for sharing!

Computation for the Price:
[(b x 4)] - 30 Pesos = D

b = price of the beverage of choice
D = final price of the DAKO-sized drink