Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dish of the Week

Dish of the Week: Burger Steak in Beef Lengua Sauce.
Only Php 275
#DishOfTheWeek #CafeAntonio

Beverage of the Week: Fresh Mango Milkshake (Php 130)

Coffee of the Week: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe on Pour-over (Kalita or Hario V60); roasted by Luca & Tosh Coffee Lab (Php 110) 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Over the past six years, Cafe Antonio has changed locations, names, personnel, menu items, and tag lines, causing confusion to our beloved clients. Here's a convenient article about the establishment's most pressing questions (and I guess we will add more in the future).

1. How many Cafe Antonios are there?
* Our full official and legal company name is Cafe Antonio Small Town Coffee Brewers Inc. There is only one cafe under this company.

2. Is Antonio's Grill in Tagaytay, Antonio's Cafe in SM Calamba, and Cafe Antonio one company?
* No. And we are not Cafe San Antonio. San Antonio is the name of the barangay next to our barangay called Maahas (because there used to be lots of snakes in this part of town).

3. Are you related to Cafe Antonio in Dumaguete? And who is Antonio?
* Yes. Cafe Antonio in Dumaguete was established in 2006. Two years later, we branched out to start Cafe Antonio - Los Banos under the company called Cafe Antonio Coffee Corp. Just recently, Cafe Antonio - Los Banos decided to start their own independent company and hence the name, Cafe Antonio Small Town Coffee Brewers Inc. 

* Antonio is the name of the father of the owner of The Spanish Heritage Building--the building where Cafe Antonio - Dumaguete is located. 

4. Is Cafe Antonio and Arla Diner one establishment only?
* The location of present-day Cafe Antonio is where Arla Diner used to be. When the chefs/owners (Jeff Aquino and PJ Lamigo-Aquino) of Arla Diner migrated to Australia in 2012, Cafe Antonio bought the rights to Arla's recipes and menu, absorbed the staff, and purchased all the equipment. However, the Lamigo family still owns the land and we are renting the place from them. Arla Diner still exists in the form of Arla Center--the function room/activities area located right across the cafe. 

5. Are you open everyday?
* No. We used to have our day-off on Monday but we MOVED it to Wednesday since many clients requested that we open on Monday instead.

6. What time do you open and close?
* We open at 11 AM on Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays we open at 1 PM so we can go to church with our families in the morning. We close at 10 PM on Mondays to Saturdays...and Sundays.

7. Do you do deliveries?
* Not yet.

8. Do you accept credit and debit cards?
* Now we do. Since March 18, 2014.

9. Do you accept solicitations?
* Yes. But we have a limited budget for that. Please accept what we can give.

10. Are you franchising?
* No. Maybe after 20 years.

11. Who owns Cafe Antonio?
* Cafe Antonio is owned by a group of people hence the "Inc." Jabez is the mascot since he's been with the company since the beginning. 

12. Why is my call diverted on Thursdays?
* The cafe's public relations officer is Jabez. He works as an organic farmer at a local farm on Thursdays and comes back to the cafe on Friday afternoons. He diverts your calls on Thursdays to the cafe's bar manager, Elmer, for a quicker response. Because Jabez usually wears gloves or has muddy hands on Thursdays so he can't grab his phone. 

13. Does the cafe serve organic food?
* Not all of the cafe's food are organic yet. As of now we're trying our best to source some of our main ingredients (like lettuce, tomato, cucumber) from local and organic farms. Right now we're still looking for organic sources of coffee. 

14. Does the cafe serve alcohol?
* No. But you can bring wine for a minimal corkage fee of 100 pesos per bottle. Beer and other kinds of alcohol are not allowed.

15. Do you accept reservations?
* Yes. Reservations are not required but we recommend that you make a reservation a day before so we can guarantee you a table. Our place is very small.

16. Do you do catering of food to special events?
* Yes. We have a special bulk order and take out menu for our catering. We also have a service fee for our on-site and off-site catering services. Please refer to the side bar located on the left side of this website for more details.

17. What is Coffee Unplugged?
* Coffee Unplugged is our coffee catering service. We use a manual pour-over brewer to brew coffees on the spot for special occasions.

18. Do you only serve coffee?
* No. We have lots of excellent food to try. We bake our own pizza crusts and breads.

19. What is your cuisine?
* There's no particular genre that we follow but we have pastas, pizzas, paninis and burgers, salads, and specialty dishes that are Filipino and Asian-inspired.

20. Is there a dress code at the cafe?
* No. Casual clothes will do. This is Los Banos, you can wear anything that's comfortable since it can get very warm in this town. Though we have air-conditioning.

21. What is CAnton?
* CAnton was the nickname given to us by our customers back in 2008. It has stuck ever since. Oldskool customers still call us CAnton to this day. 

22. Do you have WiFi?
* Yes, finally! But for a long period, our slogan used to be "We SatiFi with No WiFi." Other slogans were: Your Coffee, Our Passion; Groove to a Different Bean; Coffee will Save the Day; and now, "Specialty Coffee and Hearty Meals."

23. What's up with the new logo?
* That's a manual drip coffee brewer placed on top of a ceramic cup. It symbolizes our emphasis on low-input yet high quality, hand-crafted, made-to-order coffee brewing.

24. Why are there so many owls in the cafe? And who is Owltonio?
* The "owl craze" started in 2011 when a customer brought a stuffed white owl to the cafe. Jabez blurted out "Owltonio" at the site of the plushie and Ian (one of our former baristas) "borrowed" it from the customer. We called the owl, "Owltonio," made it our mascot and named our house blend coffee after it. Since then we kinda stuck with the "nocturnal coffee-drinkin' owl" concept and people started giving us owls of all shapes and sizes as a sign of true and lasting friendship. 

25. What is a CAntoneer?
* Cafe Antonio survived on student volunteers for quite some time. We called them CAntoneers and we call on them to help during special events.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dish of the Week

Garlic Shrimp Pasta - Php 275 only!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anniversary Reflections

* Our sixth anniversary celebrated two important changes in the cafe's life: our independence from our original coffee company (from Cafe Antonio Coffee Corp. to Cafe Antonio Small Town Coffee Brewers Inc.) and our involvement with other (enthusiastic!) local establishments through the health and wellness movement, The Health Walk. 

* Community involvement, thought in different ways, has always been at the heart of the cafe since we started in 2008. But it took us a while to really immerse ourselves at the center of things that really matter, like advocating healthy eating, localization, and environmental awareness. 

* Like a child growing up, we went through several phases and though we've changed and matured a lot over the years, Cafe Antonio is still Cafe Antonio. Complete with all the quirkiness, weirdness, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, and passion.

* Though businesses need to make money, our drive to survive or the main motivation to continue is still about providing jobs to others while influencing the community in a positive way by bringing people together to build a brighter and healthier future for Los Banos. The cafe has been a busy social hub. I've lost track of how many people we've introduced to someone's friend who is a neighbor of his Facebook friend's husband's bestfriend's high school classmate's seatmate! It's amazing to see what happens when lives converge. When stories intertwine. And when passions jive. 

* God has allowed us to survive long enough to make His purposes happen. Against all odds and through adversity (which seems never-ending!), when goodness is bound to happen, it will happen. 

* We would like to thank all our guests, friends, and family who came to celebrate with us last April 13. Your presence was very much appreciated! To our Health Walker friends, you put a lot of effort in our bazaar, we're really thankful that our establishments can work together. What we're doing is unique and very special, an advocacy-driven group of local entrepreneurs is hard to find. We're glad that we are part of this group.

* Let's make things happen everyday! Every day is worth living and worth fighting for! 

The staff (L-R): Elmer (bar manager), Jabez (PRO), Maricel (assistant cook); Mabel (head cook); Cathy (dishwasher)

Members of The Health Walk (L-R): Jus Right, Makiling Hillside Delicacies, Ashoka, and Satya Graha.

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Indoor Signage

* Our new indoor signage was installed yesterday morning! Yey! Too bad it didn't make it in time for the anniversary celebration. But it was April 14 yesterday, so technically it was installed just in time for the cafe's 6th birthday!

* Thanks to Ate Marisse for taking care of this design project. I guess our next project is to paint the walls! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holy Week Schedule 2014

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April 14, Monday - OPEN, 11 AM - 10 PM
April 15, Tuesday - OPEN, 11 AM - 10 PM
April 16-19, Wednesday-Saturday - CLOSED
April 20, Easter Sunday - OPEN, 1 PM - 10 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sixth Anniversary Celebration Today

* Today is the day! Well actually our real anniversary date is April 14, but we're going to celebrate it today, on the 13th, Sunday. We will still open at 1 pm today and The Health Walk bazaar will start at 3 pm. There will be booths from Ashoka Indian Healthy Cuisine, Satya Graha Cafe and Restaurant, Jus Right, Makiling Hillside Delicacies, and Red Gloves Boxing Gym.

* It's amazing how the years just fly by. We had two anniversaries at Grove (2009 & 2010), one at LB Square (2011), one at the Arla Gazebo (2012), and this is our second celebration at the Arla Diner location (2013 & 2014). Just by looking at that list I realized that the cafe already has a veterinary student's worth of college memories. 

* It's very humbling to see all these transitions happen and then I wonder how we were able to get by after all these years. It's by the grace of God, that's all that I can say. It's by the grace of God that we're still here. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Days to Go!

We can't believe it has been six years already since the cafe opened back in 2008! How time flies!

I remember it was raining really hard during our grand opening. I was at Star Commercial having our menus laminated 30 mins before the opening ceremony.

I told myself, "this is it, the first day of the rest of our lives!"

Oh man, I was just a 21-year old kid back then with high hopes.

God has been faithful all these years. We're still alive! After moving four times!

It's a miracle. Lots of miracles happen in this place. :)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dish of the Week

Fish Lumpia with Brown Rice and Fresh Salad. Only Php 150. Try it this week!


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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sixth Anniversary Promo

Special Sixth Anniversary PROMO:
All 6-year old KIDS will get a free meal! 
So make sure to bring your little boys and girls and let's give them a healthy and delicious meal!

Last year, we recognized and honored all the people who have been part of Cafe Antonio since 2008. From students to barkadas, from former employees to suppliers, we are truly blessed to be part of their lives. This year, we would like to introduce to you our new friends!

Recently, the cafe has been working and collaborating with local business establishments who share our enthusiasm and passion in serving people and the community. Now, we are part of a health and wellness movement called The Health Walk.

On our anniversary, we would like our friends and guests to get to know the owners and people behind these establishments. And hopefully, we can all share a common friendship and strengthen our community solidarity.

The Health Walk is composed of the following establishments: Ashoka Indian Healthy Cuisine, Satya Graha Cafe and Restaurant, Red Gloves Boxing Gym, Banahaw Heals Spa Los Banos, Laguna Branch, Herb Republic, Jus Right, Makiling Hillside Delicacies, Yigo's Dough Box, Kaphé, and Living Life Well.