Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sixth Anniversary Celebration Today

* Today is the day! Well actually our real anniversary date is April 14, but we're going to celebrate it today, on the 13th, Sunday. We will still open at 1 pm today and The Health Walk bazaar will start at 3 pm. There will be booths from Ashoka Indian Healthy Cuisine, Satya Graha Cafe and Restaurant, Jus Right, Makiling Hillside Delicacies, and Red Gloves Boxing Gym.

* It's amazing how the years just fly by. We had two anniversaries at Grove (2009 & 2010), one at LB Square (2011), one at the Arla Gazebo (2012), and this is our second celebration at the Arla Diner location (2013 & 2014). Just by looking at that list I realized that the cafe already has a veterinary student's worth of college memories. 

* It's very humbling to see all these transitions happen and then I wonder how we were able to get by after all these years. It's by the grace of God, that's all that I can say. It's by the grace of God that we're still here. 

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