Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anniversary Reflections

* Our sixth anniversary celebrated two important changes in the cafe's life: our independence from our original coffee company (from Cafe Antonio Coffee Corp. to Cafe Antonio Small Town Coffee Brewers Inc.) and our involvement with other (enthusiastic!) local establishments through the health and wellness movement, The Health Walk. 

* Community involvement, thought in different ways, has always been at the heart of the cafe since we started in 2008. But it took us a while to really immerse ourselves at the center of things that really matter, like advocating healthy eating, localization, and environmental awareness. 

* Like a child growing up, we went through several phases and though we've changed and matured a lot over the years, Cafe Antonio is still Cafe Antonio. Complete with all the quirkiness, weirdness, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, and passion.

* Though businesses need to make money, our drive to survive or the main motivation to continue is still about providing jobs to others while influencing the community in a positive way by bringing people together to build a brighter and healthier future for Los Banos. The cafe has been a busy social hub. I've lost track of how many people we've introduced to someone's friend who is a neighbor of his Facebook friend's husband's bestfriend's high school classmate's seatmate! It's amazing to see what happens when lives converge. When stories intertwine. And when passions jive. 

* God has allowed us to survive long enough to make His purposes happen. Against all odds and through adversity (which seems never-ending!), when goodness is bound to happen, it will happen. 

* We would like to thank all our guests, friends, and family who came to celebrate with us last April 13. Your presence was very much appreciated! To our Health Walker friends, you put a lot of effort in our bazaar, we're really thankful that our establishments can work together. What we're doing is unique and very special, an advocacy-driven group of local entrepreneurs is hard to find. We're glad that we are part of this group.

* Let's make things happen everyday! Every day is worth living and worth fighting for! 

The staff (L-R): Elmer (bar manager), Jabez (PRO), Maricel (assistant cook); Mabel (head cook); Cathy (dishwasher)

Members of The Health Walk (L-R): Jus Right, Makiling Hillside Delicacies, Ashoka, and Satya Graha.

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