Monday, August 4, 2008

Scented Candles are More Fun than Lamps

It was 2 pm when the whole Grove area lost power. We finished our staff Bible study with my mom at 3 pm and still there was no electricity. Quarter to 4, what will we do if the power doesn't come back before we open? Yes, we mustered our courage and opened our doors at exactly 4 pm. The only available drinks were iced regular andiced coffees, and for food we can only serve muffins, cookies, and chips.

To our surprise, people came! What?! People really did come to our dark, and eventually (thanks to Julius and Jeg's 3 packs of scented candles) candle-lit cafe! Here's some pictures...

Here's our first 3 customers. They're 04 BS Nutrition students, they told us they know Joyce.

Here's Jeg and I creating the illusion that we're eating pasta and drinking coffee even though both items are not available. Hehe.
Here's what we did to pass away the time. It was hot inside. Hey wait, so who's at the counter?

Iced Tea R, they kept on coming!

Julius singing his rendition of Muita Bobeira by Luciana Souza

We had to bring out another table to accommodate more customers who can't stand the heat inside the cafe.

Well, more people came. This was Jeg's idea.

This is Julius' idea.

Ahh... nice mood lighting... we love our customers! It eventually rained outside, so everybody went in.

Lighting effects

Cozy couch area plus scented candles, perfecto!
FLAVOR OF THE MONTH (AUGUST) - CHOCNUT FROTHICCINO, only Php 120! Ask RETZ the cashier about it when you order.
Photos by Dan Sta. Romana (

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  1. hey jabez, this is justine from dgte city. i met you at a coffee cupping at cafe antonio's. i'll be visiting elbi later this month and i can't wait to visit your cafe antonio. looks like you guys are having fun. :)