Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is a No WiFI Zone

At first we thought having WiFi in our cafe would be a great idea. Since we're catering to the people of UPLB, having the Internet available at our cafe would be very convenient for our customers.

But look, this is Los Banos, there is already an abundance of Internet cafes in every corner. At Cafe Antonio, we want our customers to come home and experience the real essence of a coffee shop. You sip your brew, bite on a sandwich, then read a book, play some games, or just talk with your friends and scream at the top of your lungs with delight. All this with no alcohol, just good 'ol ever-reliable caffeine.

Here's what you can do in our cafe aside from ordering and eating:

READ - Our book collection include: The Chronicles of Narnia Series, The World's Most Series, Pugad Baboy comic books, Captain Underpants, and our most read bookLET, The More the Manyer. There are lots more, I just can't remember coz I have a migraine.

PLAY - Our games include: Monopoly, Boggle, Skribbage, Uno, and Chess. We'll try to buy other games.

JAM - We have an acoustic guitar you can borrow and a bongo drum from Banaue. You can also use the toothpick dispenser as a shaker. Just inform the staff if you want to have a free gig and we'll give you the platform.

GO TO THE BATHROOM - We have a comfort room and a wash area.

TAKE PICTURES - You can ask the picture-crazy crew to take your picture and post it on this blog or our Multiply site (

PLAY WITH THE MENU - You can request infinite combinations and customizations with our add-ons. And those we like we can add to our regular menu.

If we had WiFi, customers would just be glued to their laptops.

Watch how Jabez, Retz, and the rest of the Cafe Antonio gang passes away the time at

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