Saturday, March 15, 2008

From This...To This!

After a month-long monster renovation, the cafe has finally come to completion! With this, we would like to thank the following people who made all of this possible:

Kudos to our architect, Noel Carigma (0928-7507231), for helping us with everything from finding a contractor, designing the cafe to accompanying us buy our materials from the best places possible! Thanks to Warren too, for the cafe's original design and the 3D drawings he sent.

To our contractor, Kuya Boy Requiron (0919-2808293), for masterfully crafting the whole place together with his band of merrymen (master carpenter Kuya Bert, painter Henry, Toning, and the rest). Thanks to Engr. Roland Requiron (aka Kanye West) for installing all the electrical stuff and the aircon, great job! Rest in peace to our painter, Kuya Dors. You have all done a spectacular job on a very tight budget.
To Jeck Vargas (0915-6716357) and his team, for doing an outstanding job on our sleek black chairs.

To Kuya Herbert and Ate Ging Osio, for letting us use their apartment for our meetings. Special mention to Kuya Herbert for accompanying us to Divisoria 2 times. The 2nd one was definitely jumbo/LARGE!

To Myrna and Philip Flores, for their unceasing support and spiritual guidance. Thank you for giving us direction. Thanks to all your friends who helped us along the way.

To our investors, the Lee and Flores families, Pastor Chito, plus the Dumaguete crew. Without your investments, none of this would have happened! Your money was put into good use, don't worry!

And finally, to our Lord Jesus Christ...none of this made sense last September, but thanks to Him, we are finally seeing the bigger picture. And we know that this is just definitely the beginning of everything we have ever hoped for. Thank you Jesus for never abandoning us in every aspect of our lives. May we give glory to Your name through this cafe!

March is almost over and April is coming like a speeding train. We are still working on paperwork, legal stuff, and delivery of supplies and equipment. Please pray for our team, that we may have good spiritual, emotional, and physical health as we brace ourselves for the opening of the cafe, hopefully on the first week of April.

Thanks guys, we hope to see you as customers at Cafe Antonio! God Bless!


  1. Congratulations, you guys! It is so amazing to be a part of your exciting journey! Marami pang gagawin si Lord for you guys and Cafe Antonio! Here's to the success of your venture!!!

  2. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE PLACE AND GIVE YOU ALL CONGRATULATORY HUGS!!! Hang in there guys. The battle is just about to begin. Be steadfast in the Lord and stay true to yourselves. BAWAL MAG-AWAY! Haha! See you all in June 2008...the cafe better be open by then. :-P