Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hataw ELBI, hataw!

Last week was our best week since opening week, thanks to all of you!!! We're glad that the cafe is slowly being part of your everyday lives. Marami kaming hardcore customers diyan, saludo kami sa inyo! For two days, we were open until 2:30 am!

What's new at the cafe? For starters, we have a new parttime cashier, Mahalia Adelina Corazon Paningbatan Serrano aka Majals (BS AgChem, magna cum laude, number 5 sa board exam ng chem, grabe!). She'll be part of our 4 to 7 pm crew until November.

From left to right: Neil, Jabez, Tracy, Majals, Manong Retz

Majals will be taking your orders from 4 to 7 pm.

Next is our Text-to-Order service. Just text (or call) Manong Retz the cashier and tell him your orders in advance (0916-7642539).

Have you heard of our Raspberry White Mocha Frothiccino aka Red Velvet Frothiccino? It was a hit last week. It's not on the menu board so be sure to ask Manong Retz about it. This is one advantage of blog readers, you learn about new drinks. Hehe, para medyo exclusive ang dating. It's only Php 95.

There's also this group of street magicians in UPLB. They've been operating for about a sem now. Watch the video below.

The cast of El Laberinto dela Verdad was also at the cafe last week. Of course, they tried the the El La-Berry-nto Multi-Berry Iced Tea (still available for only Php 55).

We were all tired after that week, but we still managed to play Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero III last night. Once again, thanks to the Bonita family!

A brand new week is ahead for the Canton Crew, we hope to meet you guys again. And for those who haven't been here yet, come and visit us at 10432 Grove, College, Los Banos, Laguna. We will change your life, haha! Joke lang.

Contact details:

Joyce Hernandez and Jabez Flores (owners) - (0917-6273993 and 0917-3406945)

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