Thursday, January 8, 2009

FoM: Choco Banana Nut Frothiccino

Thanks to the suggestions of our friends, we have been able to come up with January's Flavor of the Month, the Choco Banana Nut Frothiccino (Php 120)!

There were a bunch of banana-inspired flavors but my "eureka moment" came when 2 of our friends mentioned that they enjoyed anything with Nutella or Crumpy:

miaeow wrote on Jan 1
any drink combi that has nutella in it! hehe

buttercupadventures wrote on Jan 1
parang masarap nga. masarap kumain ng saging na pinapahiran ng crumpy na hazelnut or chocolate eh ^^,


The drink doesn't have Nutella or Crumpy, as a substitute I put hazelnut syrup and chocolate sauce instead. To create the banana taste, the crew decided that the banana extract wasn't enough so we threw half a banana in there.

The drink actually tastes like banana split because of the added banana slices and crushed nuts on top. You can also order a hot drink version for the same price.

Another new drink we have is the Granita Blush--a non-coffee based grenadine blended drink. It's not actually new, the recipe came from Cafe Antonio - Dumaguete (http:/ It's non-coffee based partner, the Blue Crush, is yet to come. Watch out for it this summer.

As for new food, the Pasta Antonio--a tomato-based vegetarian pasta reminiscent of a Putanesca, and Tuna Melt--an open-faced sandwich with tuna and cheese, Joyce is still learining how to make them (she's the one who prepares all our sauces and spreads) since the recipes are an original of Cafe Antonio - Dumaguete.

So this year we're giving you guys a little taste of what's it like at Cafe Antonio's main branch in the Visayas. We hope there will be more to come.

Thanks again for your suggestions and we're looking forward for more discussions like that on Multiply! God bless!

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