Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cafe Antonio - LB Featured in Code Red Magazine

Code Red Magazine
Excerpt from the article Travel Brews: In Search of the Perfect Pinoy Cup of Coffee
by Myke Celis

Cafe Antonio in Los Banos, Laguna
"If you like walking around the academic oval of UP Diliman, then you'd love the peaceful surroundings of UP Los Banos. Once, I chanced upon Cafe Antonio, a cute little coffee shop near UPLB. Believe me when I tell you that they serve really good coffee. I personally liked the Red Velvet Frothiccino, which reminds me of a better version of Starbucks' Raspberry Mocha. Plus what I like about Cafe Antonio is the crowd--makes me feel like a college student all over again. When you're into people-watching like me, this is definitely the place for you to hang out. Oh, and the lush greenery of Los Banos is also something you wouldn't want to miss."

Flavor of the Month for April: Choco Toffee Nut Frothiccino
Finally, a toffee-flavored drink from Cafe Antonio! I created this drink yesterday together with trainee barista, Ramhil. We tried many recipes and after about 5 tries we finally made one that suited our taste. The FoM reminded us a lot of double dutch ice cream. Like all FoMs, this one has something special in it. For the toppings we put crushed nuts soaked in English Toffee on top of the whipped cream then drizzled it with chocolate and caramel sauce. Yummings ( will make a pastry inspired by this FoM and we will make a drink-pastry combo that you can order.

First Year Anniversary
Our first year anniversary is on April 14, Tuesday, 11 am to 2 am. Come on designated times to avail of our free items (see posters for details, available at

Cafe Antonio Online Store
The Cafe Antonio Online Store ( is now under construction and will formally open on May 2009. We are still designing and producing shirts, mugs, and other merchandise. As of today, the online store is selling House Blend coffee beans (250 pesos/250 grams) available for Los Banos residents only. You can now place your orders at the site.

We will be closed on April 9 to 11.

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