Monday, May 25, 2009

Gifts Along the Way

Photo (right): The new facade of Cafe Antonio - Dumaguete, more power guys!

"Inquire re tech support." That's what my cellphone reminders told me to do last Friday. And I read it again this morning after waking up from a monster 4-movie marathon that ended early in the morning. Tech support for our espresso machine has been my concern for the past year. Although our machine had been dependable for the past year, crazy things are always bound to happen in the most important moments. A broken espresso machine in a cafe is the equivalent of a passionate man losing the desire to go on with life. That may be too dramatic, but you get the picture. No espresso machine, no cafe. It's that simple.

The thought of our machine breaking down haunted me until someone by the name of Tita Glo texted me. The message went something like this, "Jabez, i have a coffee machine here, someone gave it to us, but it's too sophisticated, and I already have a coffeemaker, maybe you can use it at the cafe." -- Something like that. Machine. Sophisticated. Coffeemaker. Those three words were all I needed, I thought, "that must be a fully-automatic home espresso machine!" So I told her that I'll drop by right at that moment to get it. Yes, I was right, it was a small fully-automatic espresso machine, it's 120 v but what the heck! Finally, a backup espresso machine, waaah! It was an anwered prayer even before praying or thinking of praying about it! All of us were so happy, it looked beautiful, and it was well appreciated. The Cafe Antonio family would like to thank Tita Glo and Tito Gene Veruasa for the gift, God bless you!

Okay, now that's over, we've already put it on top of our counter (display lang muna), I'm here at Koinonia thinking of new stuff for the school year. We already have a lot of surprises in store for you and I won't spill any of it right now. June and July is already planned out, I hope we would execute well.

Right now, I'm making We Satisifi with No Wifi-themed stickers. It's sorta our ad campaign right now. It's not that we hate WiFi (our ads and promotional tools are all based online, and I'm almost always online), we just don't want people to rely THAT much on the Internet to find a good time. And we don't want the WiFi to overshadow our coffee, cause that's what it's all about. The coffee, the espresso, and the public living room atmosphere of Canton, it's all too precious.

That's it for now, keep on supporting us and we'll always do our best to serve you guys. Let's go, have fun!

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