Sunday, September 20, 2009

WE SATiSFi W/ NO WiFi: What it Means

* After 4 packs of Cream-O Deluxe sandwich cookies, and an episode of Gossip Girl, I've decided to write this week's blog entry on a Sunday evening. I'll be waking up early tomorrow because I have to be at the cafe to attend to some repairs and installations.

* WE SATiSFi WITH NO WiFi. You may have read this statement on our door or on some t-shirts that we sold on Multiply ( and at the cafe. But what does this exactly mean? I have blogged about our "WiFi-Free" establishment months ago, way, way, way back. But Facebook wasn't popular yet during that time. And this is a good opportunity for everybody to know.

* We didn't have WiFi from the very beginning. The lack of an Internet connection is a feature that we are proud to have... "the lack of" is what we have and normally the lack of something shouldn't be called a feature at all. The presence of absence, as I like to call it. When asked, "Ano yung meron kayo, na wala yung iba?", we would answer, "Mas maganda sana kung ang tanong ay anong wala kami na meron yung iba?"

*WE SATiSFi WITH NO WiFi is sort of a subtle campaign we started to encourage both fellow entrepreneurs and customers.


* For entrepreneurs first. Obviously, we're not the first establishment to have no WiFi. Only a handful have WiFi in their establishments. The message that we want to preach is that it is not a disadvantage to not have WiFi. Actually it gives entreps an opportunity to focus more on their products and their customers. Rather than their customers focusing on what they need to do hence the emergence of the rise of the "tambay" customers. It's such a refreshing feeling to have knowing that people come for you and your products and not simply for the bonus features that you offer. And when the time comes that we all REEEEALLY do need WiFi and it becomes a necessity like cable TV and Ascorbic Acid, do not fret, someday, somehow, the whole of ELBI if not the whole world will be a Free WiFi zone. So let's just bank on that! Haha, rakenrol!

* For customers... Most of us have an Internet connection at home. We spend maybe 40% or more of our day surfing the net outside of our homes in a computer shop, on our mobile phones, or with our laptops and Globe Tattoos. For a change of vista, or quite frankly, for a change of pace in our life of strained eyes, isn't it cool to experience the world where we were born for just a few hours and be humans rather than just profiles photos and headshots? At CAnton, we let everybody get wild in a game of Uno, we allow them to roll on the floor while playing Pictionary, we permit everyone to be kids and read Pugad Baboy, and we enjoy seeing groups of people talk the night away. Ahh... it's a good reminder of who we used to be.

* Yes, CAnton is 100% dependent on online promotions in our social networking sites. Our websites are an extension of our physical cafe. You don't come to the cafe to visit our websites or read our blogs. That's just wrong. Our sites serve as your Cafe Antonio when you're not physically in Cafe Antonio. When you're there, you become part of what we post on our sites, you actually become part of a story.

*So as everyone can see, we don't discourage the use of the Internet because we also use it for work. Let us use WE SATiSFi WITH NO WiFi as a campaign to encourage both businesses, lifestyles, and Filipino values. So join us, and let's try to do our very best even without a WiFi connection!

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