Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kids Our Age Like to Search Their Souls

* It's been awhile since I've written an actual blog. One with actual words and thoughts in it. The summer heat has certainly caught up with us. The Heat have also defeated the Celtics and will take care of business in Chicago. Hehe.

* Here's this week's reflection nugget. We've been through a lot of stuff this May, it's a pretty darn challenging month. It's testy. That's funny because we're still midway May. Anyway, every now and then we have to review ourselves and our lives from where we're standing. It's another perspective. It's not the bird's-eye view perspective. I learned to focus on the immediate tasks at hand and take a break from long-term planning that sometimes borders on daydreaming to over preparing to losing sight of the real goal (thanks to my CAnton homies). Sometimes it is right for people to just knock your head and keep you in check. These persistent knocking will hurt and make you dizzy but think of it as "helpful concerned little knocks" that will help you wake up so that you can go back to doing your business. Raise the roof. Let's remember this and apply it in our daily lives. Just like Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. Thank you, friends. 

* Cafe News served in a demitasse! Last week, we hosted two Summer Coffee Workshops at the cafe. It was a very enjoyable experience both for the staff and the participants. Basically, our workshop talks about how to choose and prepare coffee at home and understanding the different espresso beverages served in coffee shops. Very practical indeed. In 3 hours, you'll be able to enjoy your "registration food" (worth 200 pesos, consumable) and taste a lot of coffee beverages! At the end of the class, you'll receive a Certificate of Participation. For last week's participants, your certificates are already available. Thank you! We have workshops this week, on Tuesday (May 17) and Thursday (May 19), 4 to 7 pm. You can register on the day itself! The workshop is open to all ages!

* Gigs yo! Juniper Face the Corner has a gig tomorrow at Conspiracy Garden Cafe at Quezon City, 8 pm. The band has just finished recording three original songs with Silver Alcabasa, vocalist of Segatron, at Dog House Studio under the Powered by Isaw record label, haha! Nice one! The gig last Saturday wasn't able to push through because of an unexpected event in LB Square. Hopefully we can have a peaceful and quiet gig on May 21, Cafe Antonio Sessions XXI featuring Gabes Torres and her band consisting of Ian Soliven of LIME, Banjo Inandan of Sweet Symphony, and Genesis de Guzman. See you all there!

* Thanks for supporting CAnton guys. Always pray for us! To God be the glory!

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