Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exhausted Fan

Hey Owltonio, drive for me, owl! Drive for me!

* October 31. Oh I envy those who are asleep in their beds. Those who are parked in front of their laptops watching downloads of TV shows I haven't heard of. And those who are outside just enjoying, uh, the outside. World. Outside world.

* 12:30 PM. Enjoyed my first official layyyyy-zeeee morning of the year. It felt good. But only for a while. Zombie-fied, I trudged towards my backrest-less swivel chair, turned on my old Dell DeLapTop (hybrid of a laptop and a desktop, an actual downgrade) and opened the best software program created by man...MS Excel.

* Your work should work for you. And not the other way around. We shouldn't be slaves to our work. We shouldn't be controlled by our jobs! But alas, what has to be done needs to be done and should be done. It's a "now or never" moment. It's a "let's get it over with so I can move on with my life" movie scene. 

* After 16 hours of toil and countless episodes of Phineas and Ferb, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, and three episodes of New Girl playing in the background and put on shuffle, I have finally finished, what I like to call, "Home Office Work." Or "boring adult stuff that nobody cares about."

* The next morning, I was supposed to clean my apartment. Just to show off to my new housemates, Tim and Elmer, how good a big brother I was. But when I was about to start, I fell to the floor (I just really laid down), looked at my ceiling and my Gossip Girl poster. It was apparent. I was tired. No, I was EXHAUSTED. All caps for emphasis.

* My definition of "exhausted" is tired body and willing spirit. I finally came to a point where the Optimist Prime in me wasn't able to use its worldly body to do things. I was amazed and bewildered. I'm actually tired, man, I can't believe it.

* What's the lesson here? My sister, Grace, told me this: "Rest and give yourself a break. Don't wait for God to force you to rest." I should know, the last time I was in "work-ka-adik mode" I injured my right wrist and I was in a sling for 1 month. No playing guitar, no barista work, no driving for me. 

* So I played with my nephew and niece today. Oh it's 12:17 am, so it's yesterday. I love them. 

* Rest and peace. RAP yo! I'm going to sleep now...after re-posting this on Facebook. Thank you and good night. Don't forget to pray!

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