Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Obsession for Pour-Over Coffee

Since we only have one manual drip coffee maker as of now, I decided to experiment with plastic funnels. The bar now looks like a chemistry lab. It makes good coffee but the snout of the funnel gets in the way of the glass pot when i pull it out. So i have to lift it a bit to remove the pot.

The aluminum stands are actually food racks and the catch basin is actually a set of soy sauce dishes.

The rack is a wooden box cut in half with three custom holes drilled in it. The "paint" we used is actually espresso coffee stain brushed for three days.

The pots are tea leaf brewers from my sister. Before that I used a couple of fishbowls and a French press.

Someday, I'll actually get to finish this project. I really enjoy making coffee using this contraption.

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