Saturday, May 19, 2012

Your Coffee Journey Starts Here

* Yesterday, we conducted our very first Basic Barista Workshop at Cafe Antonio. It was a one-on-one session with participant, Teri Ulat from Los Banos. In the workshop, she learned about the role of the barista in the coffee industry, the parts of the espresso machine, and she had lots of time practicing pulling shots of espresso and steaming milk. We figured that having one or two participants for a three-hour session is the ideal class size because each session can be more personalized according to your needs. As for Teri, she wanted to learn to prepare espresso and know the differences between a latte and a cappuccino and an americano from brewed coffee. 

* We plan to conduct more workshops during the school year so that those who were interested to join but couldn't make it this summer would have another chance to take the workshops. We highly recommend that you take the Coffee Appreciation Workshop first before taking the Basic Barista Workshop, this way you can really appreciate the things we will practice in the barista workshop. But if you feel you want to get your barista skills going, you can join our Basic Barista Workshop. It's a good platform to pursue higher learning in coffee in other coffee education programs aside from what Cafe Antonio offers. Our workshop is so concise, you will be able to pour a latte in 3 hours!

* Discovering and learning about good coffee is a fun journey. We encourage you to start making baby steps or, if you want, have a huge leap of faith and start your journey right now. It doesn't matter if you're a home barista, a professional barista, a coffee addict, or a coffee entrepreneur, we're here to share to you what we've learned in our own coffee journey!

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