Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bringing the Garden to the Cafe

Promotional fan art by Jorge Milano
* I've been planting herbs and vegetables in my backyard for a couple of months now and I wanted to feature my first batch of produce at the cafe. Last Tuesday, I harvested and packed my first zip lock bags of basil and mint. We used the basil for our Calamansi Basil beverage (Php 70) and we concocted a new TOD (Trippings of the Day) for the mint. We called it the Dark Chocolate Mint Leaf Latte. It's made out of fresh mint leaves mixed well together with dark chocolate sauce and a double ristretto Owltonio blend espresso. Then we poured steamed milk into the mixture, like a regular latte, and topped it with a couple of fresh mint leaves and dark chocolate drizzle. Watch out for more beverages from my garden!

Sweeet Basil!

Cool Mint Leaves

Here are the sample packs we used for the beverages

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