Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coffee Unplugged at Two Weddings in December

December 1, 2012 - Mon and Jenni's Wedding @ Ayala Westgrove Heights. Mon and Jenni met at Cafe Antonio 4 years ago when we were still in Grove, hence the banner hand-painted by Jenni. I think we can safely assume that the couple is the cafe's first truly successful love story!

This was Ate Marisse's first out-of-town gig together with our OJT, Aljohn. They did well for first timers! Ate Marisse brewed the coffee while Aljohn made the hot chocolate...and took care of the erratic extension cord.

Once again, Kuya Herbert assumed grinding responsibilities for this edition of Coffee Unplugged. He and Ate Grace were Mon and Jenni's "ninong" and "ninang" for the wedding but they were still able to find time to help out at the booth. The wedding ceremony was quite long so by the time it was over, people just went crazy for a cup of coffee! This was a brunch wedding, by the way.

December 15, 2012 - Ian and Phoebe's Wedding @ Chateau Hestia, Tagaytay City. The bride, Phoebe, contacted us through text message and coordinated the whole gig via e-mail. This was a unique experience for us because we didn't even know her and didn't know what she looked like until the reception. We saw her and her husband, Ian, pass by for a pictorial but didn't get the chance to talk to her. We hope we could talk to them in person and thank them for the opportunity they have given us. Pictured here is our friend and CAntoneer, Jason from UPLB. This is his second gig with Coffee Unplugged.

It was a cold, foggy, and rainy morning so the reception was moved inside the dining area instead of the garden. We arrived at around 8 am for the setup.

Ate Grace, Jethy, and Kuya Herbert helped once again for the gig. Ate Grace was the one who coordinated with Phobe. Kuya Herb was the grinder while Jethy and Owltonio provided entertainment.

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