Friday, June 21, 2013

More Coffees Coming Next Month!

* Choosing a blend of coffee for a particular espresso-based beverage is still generally an alien concept around here but some customers are quickly catching up! And now that they're familiar with our Owltonio, Sleepy Time, and Hardcore blends (plus three of our more recent blends, The Gabriela Blend from 18 Days Coffee Roaster, the Yawza Blend a.k.a. The Larry Blend, and our custom "Dada Blend"), we decided that we wanted to furrrrther expand our selection of coffees. Aside from the 8 single origin coffees offered here from Luca and Tosh Coffee Lab, we're thinking about adding at least 3 more blends just to make life a bit more challenging for our baristas to explain it and our customers to get it. Haha! We consider it as part of everybody's coffee education and coffee journey. So watch out for new coffees next month!

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