Friday, October 25, 2013

New Coffees Everyday

The Small Town Brewer's two baristas, Elmer and Jabez, will take care of your coffee brewing needs. As for the food, well, we have our chef and kitchen crew for that!

* We want you to experience all the coffees we have here at the cafe. That's why we decided to highlight a different coffee (and coffee roaster!) everyday--one espresso blend and one single origin specialty coffee. The coffee we pick for the day is totally random, it really depends on what the barista wants to use. 

* Here's a quick list of coffees we have:

Philippine Espresso Blends roasted by 18 Days Coffee Roaster
- Owltonio Blend (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa)
- Sleepy Time Blend (Arabica)
- Hardcore Blend (Robusta, Liberica)
- Gabriela Blend (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, Liberica)

Specialty Coffee Espresso Blends roasted by Luca and Tosh Coffee Lab
- Larry Blend (Colombia, Kenya, Sumatra)
- Glider Blend (Guatemala, Sumatra)
- Bear Blend (Ethiopia, Sumatra)
- El Toro Blend (El Salvador, Sumatra)

Single Origin Specialty Coffee
- Colombia Huila Guadalupe Suaza
- Costa Rica Monte Paso Microlot
- El Salvador Apeneca
- Ethiopia Sidamo (Washed)
- Guatemala Finca La Providencia Atitlan
- Kenya Kichwa Tembo
- Nicaragua Jinotega Angelina Estate
- Rwanda Peaberry 

* And aside from our awesome coffees, we also serve great food! Try our new bestsellers, The Cafe Antonio Classic Burger and our Baby Back Ribs! 

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