Sunday, May 25, 2014

The 2014 Road-Widening Challenge!

View from across the road.
* The road-widening project of DPWH started a few weeks ago in Brgy. Maahas, Los Banos. As we saw our neighbors from across the road close down their businesses temporarily and their front yards demolished, we couldn't help but wonder how long it would take for them to finish and finally reach our side (South-bound) of the highway. 

* Just last week, we saw the sidewalks getting ripped open starting from the Maahas Bridge about a hundred meters away from the cafe. Other cautious entrepreneurs, like our "suking tindahan," already demolished their establishment to make way for a speedy summertime renovation. 

* The road-widening project may reach us this week or next week, we really don't know. But the main concern is how we will be able to operate with this "development" project standing in the way of our business. FYI, the road-widening will cut our parking lot in half and our takeout building will be demolished. 

This will be gone. Goodbye! 

* As of today, we haven't thought of a strategy yet to cope with this dilemma. Do we close the cafe for a month and take a long vacation (if that would happen, I can work at the farm full-time)? Do we close the cafe here and find a vacant spot somewhere else where we can operate for a few weeks for free (is that even possible in this world?); or do we continue to operate and entertain walk-ins, literally, those who come here "walking" since we cannot accommodate the cars (golly, look at the photo again, good luck parking in the middle of the highway)...or do we simply encourage walking, commuting, biking, or even riding a horse? 

* It's a cruel world out there. And this is a new challenge for us. And then again, whatever happens we know that God is in control. 

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