Sunday, June 8, 2014

#CafeAntonioWeeklySpecials (June 9 to 15)

* Every week we challenge ourselves to come up with dishes and beverages to keep things fresh and exciting. Our personal goal is to use readily available ingredients in the kitchen and also use veggies that we can grow in our backyard gardens. 

* Yesterday was especially fun because I was like, "We have to come up with a dish nowww!" And everyone was reading recipe books, cook books, haha. It was a great. The day before, a new found friend, Fabian, suggested a Quesong Puti Burger. I thought it was a great idea so I told the kitchen staff to make one after lunch. After a few minutes, our head cook came to the office and told me she had an idea. I like it when the staff does that, go Ate Mabel! She was telling me about a vegetarian burger recipe with shitake mushrooms. So I gave her the go signal to try it out. When we were checking the ingredients list we came across "malunggay." "May malunggay pa ba tayo?" I asked. Then our dishwasher, Cathy, said, "Meron sa kapitbahay!" So she and Ate Cel, our assistant cook, went to the neighbor with a "panungkit" and harvested some malunggay next door.

* The dish was done by evening and they served it to me during a meeting. I saw they also put white cheese (from Makiling Hillside Delicacies, riprizint!) on the burger so they really didn't abandon the idea of the quesong puti burger thing! 

* So good job to Ate Mabel and the kitchen crew, kudos kudos. I hope many people would order it this week. Thanks to Fabian for the idea. To OJ for the cheese. Go Meatless Monday!

Dish of the Week
Vegetarian Shitake Mushroom Malunggay Burger 
w/ White Cheese 
 Php 220

Beverage of the week:  
Island Shake 
(Mango, Dalandan and Mint Blended with Vanilla Ice Cream) 
Php 99

Coffee of the week: 
Costa Rica Monte Paso Microlot on Aeropress Php 110

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