Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thirty BFFs Sold!

Blessings just keep on coming. And records just keep getting broken.

Remember the time when we said we can't top the September 15 to 20 sales? Last week, we set another Cafe Antonio ELBI record. We had our highest total gross sales since opening week. And last Friday, we had our second highest total sales in a day (customers ordered 2700+ bucks worth of drinks in 30 minutes), only next to opening day.

A total of 486 customers came in our 37 square meter cafe last week and 30 Brownie Fudge Frothiccinos (BFF) were blended and served--the highest number ever for a Flavor of the Month.

Majals, our part-time cashier was overwhelmed at the flow of customers during their 4 to 7 pm shift last Friday. It was her first time to encounter so many people as cashier and she was very happy to see how her hometown is supporting the cafe. "Umuulan kasi, tapos parang lahat ng taong dumadaan pumpasok dito", she tells me.

The whole week was a riot, especially Friday and Saturday, The crew was in "fastfood mode"--where everyone was shouting and huffing and puffing behind the curtain. Kuya Bert, owner of Papu's Siomai, was part of the Saturday contingent. He brought along our UPLB Navigators alumni and ordered "a million drinks". They gave me a heart attack, but hey, thanks for the support guys!

It was the last week of classes. Maybe that's the reason why so many people came to the cafe. And this week is finals week. We're not sure if most of our customers have gone home or have decided to stay for the sem break. Anyway, we'll never know what's going to happen this week. But one thing's for sure, we'll be closed on Saturday, October 18. The Canton Crew will be flying to Dumaguete City to visit the main branch. We'll be soaking up some inspiration so that we'll be ready for next semester. So expect some changes when you get back from wherever you've been.


* The BFF is still available, be sure to order one soon, you only have a few weeks to go...

* Remember we have Cafe Antonio House Blend Beans available for only 250 pesos. These are the same beans that we use in all of our coffee-based drinks. We will grind it up for you so you can brew it in your home coffee-maker or you could just steep 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into 8 ounces of hot water to make a good cup of coffee. I'll try to give you some brewing tips when you order.

*We'll be having our photo shoot for Entrepreneur Magazine tomorrow, Monday, October 1. Hopefully we'll be in the November issue, be sure to grab a copy!

* I'll be bringing 3 decks of old school Trump cards tomorrow, plus one box each of Word Factory and Skrib-age.

* We continue to thank God for blessing our business and we are very grateful to everyone who continually supports Cafe Antonio. We hope that we could inspire more people and show them that our generation, the youth, could do so much more! Mabuhay ang mga young entreps!

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