Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fresh from Dumaguete!

Sembreak! Good for students, bad for business, hehe. To welcome the sembreak, the Cafe Antonio crew went to Dumaguete last week, October 18 to 20. That's why we were closed last last Saturday. You can view the pictures of our trip at our Multiply page at

Everyone was in high gear when we got back from the trip. We decorated the cafe for the Halloween last Thursday thanks to the creative efforts of Julius, Jeg, Joyce, and Yell.

Thanks to the lack of customers (due to the break), we were able to develop a bunch of exciting (and insane) new drinks for the second semester. Our specials (rocky road, choco-peppermint, etc.) will be part of the regular menu starting next sem. Regular customers like DevCom instructors Sherwin, Aldo, and Candy and Papu's Siomai mogul, Kuya Bert, were able to taste test some of our new drinks.

This week seems to be another slow week, but that's ok... we all need a break. Masaya blender namin ngayon, nakakapag-siesta na siya. See you next sem ELBI!

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