Sunday, November 2, 2008


The sembreak may have cut down traffic (and our sales) in half but that didn't stop good ol' Antonio from keeping things interesting, thanks to its highly caffeinated crew. Here's a rundown of the things that was and is to come...

Last week was the last week of the Brownie Fudge Frothiccino aka BFF. It played its last game gracefully scoring 13 orders in 6 days falling only behind reigning MVF (Most Valuable Frothiccino), classic Mocha. It was very emotional, seeing the last two BFFs ordered last Friday by Ate Faye and Ate Marisse's Rural batchmates. Tracy, Neil, and I will miss pulling the big cake container out of the ref and eating the brownie crumbs that fall on the counter. The hassle of making that monster dessert-of-a-drink which Ate Manell orders every time she drops by the cafe will be remembered 'til next year when the BFF makes a comeback on the same month. No matter how much you demand for an extension, we will not give it to you. It will ruin the excitement of waiting, hehe.

Last 2 BFFs

(L-R) Faye, Melo, Sen, Pat, Marisse, Mae

There will be no flavor of the month this month. But that's ok because we will be releasing a bunch of new drinks. Here's a preview of next sem's 08-B freshmen:

Smores Frothiccino - Talk about hassling the barista, this 140-peso drink is a work of art. Layers upon layers of crushed graham, chocolate, and big, soft white marshmallows lined with chocolate and caramel sauces will give you diabetes by the end of the hell week.

Choco Chip Frothiccino - All classic flavors need to be Frothi-cized just like how all great songs need to have an acoustic version or, unfortunately, bossa-fied, grrr...

Overload - If you can't decide between the two flavors, you can just order this monster. It's a Smores Froth bombarded with semi-sweet chocolate chips, because we all need that extra cocoa on our drinks.

Like all of our Frothiccinos, these 3 are convertible to hot drinks for the same price.

Shaked Drinks - We have this shaker that we use for our iced espressos. But who orders those anyway? We gave the shaker a new job, so it would not get fat. We have a new line of drinks, SHAKEN with ice, chocolate, espresso, and cinnamon, not blended. Available in three nutty flavors: macadamia, almond, and my favorite, hazelnut.

Rootbeer Float with that Extra Kick! - For those who want to study until the break of dawn or just want to have that legal extra high, this drink is for you. A buttery-creamy rootbeer float spiked with a shot of espresso to add an extra jolt to your sugar-high.

CHRISTMAS DRINKS - We have 2 hot drinks for the Christmas season. One is the Spicy Mexican Mocha. Tagline: Like the Blood of an Aztec Warrior. And that All-Spice White Mocha drink that has no name yet.

All these drinks will be available after this week. We will be decorating the cafe on November 9 for Christmas. We will also put up new posters of these drinks plus we will be changing our menu board.

November will feature the release of our chocolate ├ęclairs baked by our talented baker, Ate Marisse. And on December, we will try to add some small Bibingkas to our line, courtesy of my very supportive parents.

Also known as the Raspberry White Mocha Frothiccino, is back! At last!

Last Wednesday, we hosted a housewarming at our apartment at the Bonita Compound. Everyone was there except Julius and Jeg, hehe. We ate a mountain of food and watched crappy horror movies.
(L-R) Kuya Chroms, Padeys, Manell, Tracy, Marisse, Majals, Chino, Joyce, Faye, Manong

November 1, should we open? Would anybody bother to come? We opened at 7:30 to 9:00 am just to test the waters, and thankfully, we had one customer order a latte. Tracy went home that day to be with his family, so Retz, Neil, and I manned the fort. Padeys came later. We initially planned to open only until 11 pm since we figured that nobody would come. But we were wrong, sooo wrong. Since we were the only cafe open that night, the whole world came to the shop. We also played 2 movies (Sleepy Hollow, Hellboy) as a treat to our loyal customers who came despite the holiday. Thanks guys! We love ELBI!!!

It was also Jeg's birthday that night. He ordered the very first Smores Frothiccino (he was also the first one to order the Blueberry Cheesecake Blended Cream, our first Flavor of the Month) even though it should not be available yet, hehe. He treated us with triple-patty Whoppers which made us moo in delight.

We haven't heard from Entrepreneur Magazine yet, so we're not sure if we'll be appearing on the November or December issue. Anyway, the second semester and the Christmas season looks very promising! We'll keep you guys posted. God bless Los Banos, God bless everyone!
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