Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Week to Go!


We have 1 week to go before Teachers’ Day. Here’s the schedule:

December 1 (Monday) – Therese Medina (CAS)

December 2 (Tuesday) – Aldo Lim (CDC)

December 8 (Monday) – Jomar Rabajante (CAS)

December 9 (Tuesday) – Butch Bataller (CEAT).

You will see them working at the café working as a busboy and wearing an apron from 5 to 8 pm. And be sure to bring along your friends and classmates and avail of our Teachers’ Day Promo.

Last week we started distributing our Ako’ng Café Antonio Loyalty cards to our regular customers. The promo starts next week on December 1. Be sure to ask our cashier or any of the staff for your loyalty card to join the promo. Twenty drinks gives you an exclusive Ako’ng Café Antonio black mug which you can bring home or keep in the café for your orders of hot or cold drinks.


So far our sales have steadily picked up since the sembreak. The only significant drop (and thank God, the only drop) in sales was from the maximum high of the week before the sembreak to the maximum low of the first week of the sembreak. Since then we have endured the “ghost town” moments at LB thanks to note-worthy loyalists like the CDC faculty, DevComSoc, UPRHS alumni, and newbies—the UPRHS Seniors.

Our blender broke down last Friday. I have been waiting for that day to come for a long time now. It has taken enough beating; it needs to take a break. Good thing our barista, Neil Rebua, had an extra blender at home. It saved the day for us and it gave us the highest sales for the week. Wow. Kuya Boy got the blender fixed the following day. So right now we have two blenders whirring in the kitchen to irritate your quite moments.

We have high hopes for this week and especially for the month to come. Hopefully Budik’s band can do a gig on Tuesday (10 to 11pm) and we also hope that Noel Sta. Maria can come back on December. Our article on Entrepreneur Magazine would also appear on next month’s issue.

To all our customers, thank you for supporting us. Thanks for all the tips and tricks. And thanks for making the café feel like home. God bless!

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