Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool December Nights ...

December 1 & 2...very busy! December marks the start of our Loyalty Program, so you better start bringing your cards so we can sign it. Twenty drinks entitles you to an exclusive black mug which you can use for amazing discounts and promos. Here's an example: if you're a Loyalty Mug holder, you can get a free drink of your choice if you can get your friends to come along with you and order one drink each. We are still polishing the mechanics of the promo, but that sounds cool right?!

If you don't have a loyalty card yet, just ask for one at the counter.

We got our industrial blender back last Monday and our December supplies also arrived on the same day. That's a good start for all of us!

We would like to say thank you and congratulations to our Teachers' Day participants Therese Medina of CAS (Dec. 1) and Aldo Lim of CDC (Dec. 2). They both did an amazing job as busboys at the cafe for 3 hours! Thanks also for the people you brought along at the cafe. Next week (December 8 and 9), Jomar Rabajante of CAS and Butch Bataller of CEAT will be our guest busboys. Be sure to come, especially if you are their students! We are giving away gift packs to those who purchase a minimum order of 350 pesos.

We also had our staff pictorial for our Christmas Greeting Card last Monday. Everybody was there except for Ate Vivian. Dan took our pictures. We will be giving away these cards to our loyal customers.

Sweet Indulgence, our pastries concessionaire, sold Elbi Pies at the DL Umali Auditorium before the showing of ELBI PIE (mas pinasarap na icebag). The pies were an instant hit! They will be selling pies again on Thursday. Elbi Pie (Php 15) is available in strawberry and blueberry flavors.
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