Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Christmas and We Need a Break!

Last week was both fun and very stressful. Although we've already anticipated December to be extremely busy, we didn't expect that it would be THAT busy. The first three days were a rush for all of us. Last Wednesday, when our loyal customer Eric and his band (Peter on vocals and Mark on percussion), performed a 1-hour acoustic set at the cafe, our sales haven't reached the 4K mark yet by the end of the gig at 11pm. We didn't expect much that day since the gig was on the same day as IC's Christmas party--an event where almost every UPLB gimikero/gimikera attends. To our surprise, in the last two hours our sales doubled in a snap, leaving the kitchen looking like UPLB after Milenyo. Customers chilled until 3 AM. That was extremely cool.

As for next week, of course we're closed on the Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. We are not yet sure if we would open on the 26th onwards. We're still waiting for the go-signal from our bosses in Dumaguete. We're requesting a 1-week break until New Year, giving us enough time to go back to our families, rest, and recharge for the start of 2009. We'll keep you guys posted.

Christmas is this week! To our loyal customers and friends, we hope you liked the Christmas greeting cards we sent you. This is the cafe's first Christmas and we would like to thank everybody for making the season memorable for all of us.

Jesus is the reason for the season, Merry Christmas!

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