Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're "Almost Famous" in Entrepreneur Magazine!


Last Tuesday, while I was waiting for my 7 pm shift, I went to the Book Sale beside PCBS to read some magazines. I was looking for the Geek Magazine Rainn Wilson issue, instead I saw Duffy on the cover of Spin just plain lying on the pile of magazines. I picked it up and grabbed a copy of TV Guide as well. It's been a long while since I've bought my usual batch of used magazines (which I use to entertain myself due to our apartment's boob tube deficiency).
I told the guy at the counter (whom I think is the owner of the establishment) that I would just go to the ATM and withdraw some cash. The ATM was temporarily unavailable so I went back and told the owner to reserve the magazines for me.

The next day I went back to the Book Sale and noticed stacks of newly arrived mags. I paid for my reserved mags and asked the owner if they already have a December issue of Entrepreneur magazine. He said yes and that made me pee my pants (well not really, but it would be cool if I did). The magazine costs 125 pesos and I didn't have enough money so I asked the owner if I could just open the plastic and see if we were already at the back of the mag. I asked him, "Can I just take a look and see if we're already in the issue?" He said I had to buy it so I told him I would just take a look-see then pay later. And woaaahh!!! I saw a picture of Joyce and I at the Almost Famous section at the back of the magazine! I had no pimples!

I went back to my favorite ATM at Anest to withdraw from my malignant savings account then bought 2 copies of Entrep. The owner was really impressed as he told me he already read the article. I said, "Yeah, amazing, the cafe's only there across the street..." He gave me back issues of Yes!, OK!, Preview, and Men's Health which really surprised me so I gave him a free Hazelnut Latte in return. Thank you sir, whoever you are!

We already framed the article and displayed it at the cafe. The feeling was surreal, it was really my dream to be featured in that magazine, it was Entrepreneur that inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

What's more amazing is that we already appeared in another major publication in just 5 months (the first one was in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 6, 2008) and we'll be only turning 8 months this December.

Amazing grace. That's all I can say. A very classic example of how God can twist your dream plan and turn it into something better.

Joyce and I would like to say thanks to our Dumaguete family for their support, our amazing Canton staff, our families, and our hardcore customers who never cease to be hardcore. Major thanks to Cindy Escobin, the writer of the article, for doing a great job.


December 8 and 9 is Teachers' Day once again. See Jomar Rabajante of CAS in action on Monday and emo frontman turned CEAT instructor Butch Bataller on Tuesday, 5 pm to 8 pm at the cafe. Be sure to avail of our gift packs when you purchase at least 350 pesos worth of food and beverages.

The first week of the Ako'ng Cafe Antonio Loyalty Program was off to a hot start, some customers already racked up 6 and up to as high as 8 signatures in 6 days! Thanks to Kuya Rodel and Drew of for printing our first bacth of mugs. Don't forget your cards!


A bigger version of Elbi Pie (the real pie not the play) is available at the cafe for only 30 pesos. Sweet Indulgence have already mixed the strawberries and blueberries into the pie so you could enjoy both in one bite. (


We have a bottle of Dark Choco Sauce at the bar, be sure to request for it for your drinks. Sshh!


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  1. Congratulations!
    I saw the article earlier while I was in the Cafe. Haha.

    Sobrang successful na ng CAnton, and I believe it'll never stop. God Bless!

    Here's to more years of brewing and keeping ELBI hot and cool at the same time.