Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love in the Time of Stress

Hello loyal Cantonnites! I'm sorry I didn't get to blog last week, we were super busy and a lot of things happened these past two weeks. As you have noticed our Blogspot, Facebook, Friensdter, and MySpace have been inactive for quite a while. However, our Multiply site's been getting pictures thanks to Dan the Japanese Man.


* I've just received a text message from Ate Vivian, our janitress, she said she'll be coming back to work tomorrow.

For the past two weeks, Retz and I have been the janitors of the cafe. We've been waking up at 10 or 11 am everyday cleaning for 2 to 3 hours and waiting for the ice truck. Thank God, to prevent further ranting, Ate Vivian's text message came just in time. This means we don't have to wake up early tomorrow. And I don't have to tell you again how hard it is to clean in the morning and work until 1 am.


Last Tuesday, our 2 cooks, Tracy and Dan, have decided to leave the cafe to pursue other interests and opportunities. Although they're no longer part of the staff, they will always be part of the Cafe Antonio family.

Replacing Dan and Tracy is BS Bio student (2005), Bessy Espina. Bessy's been hanging out with us for quite some time now and thankfully she's available to work at the cafe for at least a year. She started training last week. To help her out at the kitchen is Marc Angeles, he's an HRM student from the University of Perpetual Help-Calamba. He'll be be working with us until March to finish his OJT. So you'll be seeing new faces when you visit the cafe this week.

I would also like to thank my org, the UPLB Navigators. Bessy's my orgmate with the Navs and Marc is my sis's boyfriend. So if it weren't for the Navs I wouldn't have known these people. Thanks! You've helped save the cafe!


Manong Retz celebrated his 22nd birthday last Wednesday. Imagine that, Manong is only 22 years old! Amazing isn't it? We had a huge celebration at our apartment after work. Food and drinks courtesy of Padeys and the Bonita household.


I didn't go to the fair this year. But I think that's ok. As expected, the fair took away some of our customers for the first few days. We thought the cafe wouldn't get any love that week. But to our surprise, Friday packed in 109 customers giving us our 3rd highest sales in a single day. Our loyal customer, Eric, even texted me that they couldn't get in anymore. Sorry Eric
and Ise, drop by next time! But thanks UPLB! That's what you call support!


We're sorry but the Choco Banana Nut Frothiccino is not our FoM for February. So order the White Strawberry Frothiccino instead, it has all the good stuff in it for only 150 pesos. Watch the commercial at

Also try our Choco Cupcakes by Yummings (aka Sweet Indulgence) for only 30 pesos (


In the near future, we will be putting up a Cafe Antonio Online Store at Multiply reaching both the Los Banos and Dumaguete clientele. You can buy Cafe Antonio merchandise like shirts, polo shirts, mugs, tumblers, lanyards, coffee beans, and other stuff through the Internet. Right now we're still in the process of conceptualizing it. If you have any ideas just send us an e-mail at


Please continue praying for the recovery of Tita Rene, our bosses' mother. She's still in St. Lukes Hospital.

That's it for now, this week's another week for all of us and a new week for the new Canton Crew. See you soon!

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