Thursday, March 5, 2009

Early Morning Updates from Singapore

Yesterday I attended my workshop at the Highlander Academy of Coffee here in Singapore. I arrived there at 9 in the morning then went home at eleven in the evening. It was really fun and I learned a lot of cool stuff. But I had too much coffee to drink, the espresso was so good I think I downed about 8 shots. I'm really quite ready and excited to go back home now and teach the techniques I learned here to our staff. It would really help the cafe a lot. Plus I'm really excited about the Red Jumpsuit mall tour. Hehe. Jason Mraz is here, he performed last night but I didn't get to watch.

Dan and I are staying at the YMCA. It's really quite nice, we've got cable, flat screen TV, and WiFi. Very convenient. We'll be having our buffet breakfast after I take a bath then we'll head back to my school to get my certificate and practice a little. I'm planning to stay at our room for most of the day just to rest and watch TV.

For Joyce and the cafe staff, I didn't get you guys anything, anything personal at least. Dan and I ended up spending a fortune on our first day here, long story. We paid a lot of additional fees that was not in our budget. But I will get a JBL speaker for the cafe to replace Dan's speakers. It's a small round iPod speaker and it has excellent sound. It's amazing. It's so small but the sound beats the quality of the larger Sony speakers we tested. JBL's a good brand. I think I'll put the speaker in the bookshelf so that people won't figure out where the music is coming from. Really cool.

Ok see you guys on Saturday, it's very cool here, especially if you like toys, gadgets, and stuff, but I really miss our hill billy lifestyle back in ELBI. God bless!

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