Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Look Crew (once again)

Our new menu board

Store Supervisor, Manong Retz (center), leading the new crew: (L-R)Bessy, Marc (OJT), Neil (guwapo), and Kuya Ramhil

Our newest barista, Ramhil Malabanan

Almost a year has passed. Let’s see how many crew lineup changes we’ve made during our first eleven months (for the sake of nostalgia):

1.) Cashier – Nica; Barista – Jabez; Cook – Joyce
2.) Cashier – Retz; Barista – Jabez/Julius; Cook – Dan
3.) Cashier – Retz; Barista – Jabez/Neil; Cook – Dan
4.) Cashier – Retz/Majals; Barista – Jabez/Neil; Cook – Tracy/Padeys
5.) Cashier – Retz/Padeys; Barista – Jabez/Neil/Tracy; Cook – Tracy/Dan
6.) Cashier – Retz; Barista – Jabez/Neil; Cook – Bessy/Marc
7.) Cashier – Retz; Barista – Neil/Ramhil; Cook – Bessy

Honorable mentions include Yell, our volunteer barista last summer, and Tonio, our first OJT busboy.

A lot has changed; most have moved on and pursued different careers apart from the café. And some have gone back to school to focus on their studies. It’s refreshing for us to remember and give props to those who have helped us get through it all during the course of this amazing year. We always thank our customers on our blogs but we seldom give kudos to those people on the “inside”. These people, no matter how long they’ve worked at the café and whatever position they’ve held, have made history by being one of those who have brought the café to where it stands today.

We’re turning 1 next month, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you very much, Nica, Dan, Tonio, Majals, Tracy, Padeys, and Julius. Saka ka na Marc, isang linggo ka pa magtatarabaho dito, hehe.

Cafe Tour and Coffee Class
Last Thursday, the cafe conducted its very first coffee class. There were 16 HRM students from STI College-Calamba who attended. Special thanks to Sir Fercival for giving us an opportunity to share our knowledge and conduct the class at our cafe. The students learned about the basic fundamentals of coffee brewing and some of them experienced extracting espresso, steaming milk, and free-pouring.

If your school is interested in having a cafe tour and/or conducting a basic coffee appreciation class, our cafe is available upon your request. For more questions and further inquiries, contact Jabez Flores (0917-3406945). We will try to arrange something for you.

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