Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Ads are very expensive. That's why we're taking advantage of our generation's greatest resource: the Internet. Check out our sites:

Find out what the Canton crew's talking about inside (or even outside) the cafe during and after store hours. Jabez will update you on important and not so relevant cafe news and tidbits. Visit us at

We've also got our Facebook page name, tell your friends to visit us at

For the more recent fans of Canton (and to those new to the cafe's online universe), you can find more about our history, trials, and misadventures at the following sites:

Listen to two of my favorite bands, Erin, and The Weepies (you can hear their songs played at the cafe).

Although we have a larger fan-base at Facebook, we still have a lot of friends on Friendster.

Unofficially the Philippines' "New eBay".
1.) Official -
Grab tons of photos of you and your friends at the cafe from this site. You can also follow the blogs and download the Cafe Antonio jingle (male and female versions) at the homepage.

2.) Online Store -
The store is open to all fans of Cafe Antonio in the country. Just order from this site. New merchandise will be coming soon. Complete release of items will be on August.

Believe us when we tell you that we're the only food establishment in ELBI that uses rehearsed dance routines for our commercials. Check out the videos for "Shaken" and "White Strawberry Frothiccino".

This is our official website.

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