Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome Freshies!

The Canton Gang with San Pablo City Vice-Mayor Martin Ilagan (2nd from left)

Ruralites wearing their "WiFi" shirts to get free drinks

Last week was kinda fun for us. The pace was picking up, we introduced new products, plus we met new customers. Also last week, we got our printed cups, not the paper cups, but hopefully we'll get those by July.

Okay, just a quick update for those who haven't been to Canton lately: our FoM for June is the Peanut Butter and Jelly (PBJ) Frajelli, it's our first frajelli FoM but it has whipped cream, double servings of jelly and the works. It's bongga embodied in a 16oz cup. And it's only 130 pesos. Watch the video below.

You know Bibingkinitan? Those are the mini bibingkas you see at the malls (, we're selling them per piece for 25 pesos. You can also order it by box. Our initial stock came from ATC, the succeeding stocks will be coming from SM Sta. Rosa.

Also starting this June, we already have our SUGARFREE frothiccinos. We're using Torani's Sugarfree Chocolate sauce plus we've tweaked our sugarfree recipe a bit, so you'll enjoy more of the coffee if you don't like your drinks too sweet. Available in mocha, black forest, choco-peppermint, choco-macadamia, and cookies and cream. You can also try our sugarfree Antonio's Hot Choco (goes great with Bibingkinitan), Cafe Mocha, and Chocolate Milkshake.

A bit of an update for our online store at Multiply (, we will be releasing new designs soon for the school year, so watch out for it!

And lastly, we hope you'll enjoy taking out our new printed cups. It's kinda cool seeing someone drinking a Cafe Antonio Frothiccino walking along Grove or around campus, with the flashing logo and all, hehe, neat.

That will do it for today guys, hope to see you soon. And a shoutout to all Ruralites out there, any batch, we're so thankful for your support! It's so nice to see Ruralites of different ages come together in one place. God bless everyone!

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