Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a Brand New Month, Let the Games Begin!

* Last week was simply terrific. Highest weekly gross sales and highest total number of customers since anniversary week! Friday was showtime at its finest. Even Ramhil got exhausted from making sandwiches and pasta. That was quite a challenge! Now we can pay the bills and still have enough for a week's worth of gas, hehe. Our hats off to the happy community of Los Banos. Thanks, thanks, and thanks! Bongga ka day!

* New FoM for August! The CHOCNUT FROTHICCINO! Actually it's not really new, it was last year's August FoM too. For some of you it's new. In this drink you get to enjoy 4 pieces of Chocnut in three different ways. Two are blended with the drink, giving the drink its Choc-nutty taste (plus other magical stuff and pixie dust of course), one is chopped into chunks and stirred, and the last one is diced and sprinkled on top of the whipped cream! Definitely a treat for those who love Chocnut. Order one this week, it's certainly a classic! Plus, it's also one of the cheapest and easiest FoM's to make. Unlike the assembly line effort put into last month's Blueberry Cheesecake Blended Cream.

* NEW MERCH!!! Available at The new t-shirt features the Cafe Antonio Coffee logo with the word "Los Banos" at the bottom. Classic gold and black color combo. We will only produce 10 this week. If we run out of stocks just request your order. Only 250 pesos each.

As for the mugs, we have two new designs from Azzul Grapika. One is the Cafe Antonio Elbi - Laguna map-themed paint splatter mug, and the other one is the Neil Rebua Cafe Antonio Elbi Barista Fan Mug. Only 5 mugs per design are available this week. Php 200 each.

* Our paper cups are on its way this August! Our hot coffee will finally be available in 12oz cups when you order it to-go! Thanks to Primatech Paper Solutions for making it all possible for us.

* See you at the cafe! God bless us all!

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