Monday, July 27, 2009

Towards the End of an Amazing Month of July

(L-R): Our Navigator friends from the US, Matthew Robert Rowe, Drew Lukes, and Trent Hannack, with my main man Glenn "Glen Dawg" Barria, each brought home a piece of Cafe Antonio Coffee. Thanks guys, we will see you on Facebook! ( God bless you guys on your student ministry!

* After a few blog entries, July's finally coming to an end. It's already August on Saturday. July has always been a defining month for us. It's the time of year that Joyce and I turn a year older. And now we're 23, I wonder what would happen at this time of our lives? More challenges, definitely, of course that's always a given. But we pray that there would be more blessings ahead for us and the cafe that we love so much.

* Last week I realized that there's so much work to be done. Although the cafe performed very well last week in terms of sales (it's been the highest since May). And we thank God and our very loyal customers for that. We also thank our new customers for trying us out, we've been seeing a lot of new faces lately. I hope you guys would come back and bring your friends. Anyway, I'm still trying to work out some things to improve our products. We'll be telling you what those things are when we've done them already. We wouldn't want to disappoint you. Just pray that everything will work out well for us. As always (thankfully!), our bag of tricks is always full. Just be patient!

* The month gave me a lot of time to think. There was a time I was sad, feeling down and out, feeling empty and unproductive. There was also a time when I was just plain happy about what I'm doing. I really am happy to be your barista every Friday (showtime!) and Saturday. Talking to people making sure they get what they want, like the time when I talked to our customers, Terry and Duncan, about their affogato and stuff. The time when Ise taught me how to make the white chocolate iced americano. Ramhil and I drink 2 glasses of those almost everyday. There were also moments when everything felt like a hassle to me, sometimes I just don't want to think stuff over. And there were also moments when I had to get my old, crusty, Brent notebook and scribble things down to assure me that I have done something productive. It's just crazy. But I'm thankful.

* On August we will be releasing our new batch of shirts and mugs designed by Azzul Grapika. Check it out at the cafe or visit

* The month of August will also be featuring its FoM (Flavor of the Month): the ChocNut Frothiccino. It's a blended espresso beverage that tastes exactly like the classic Pinoy chocolate treat. It also has ChocNut chunks on top of the whipped cream. So watch our for it!

* That's it for now, please add us up at Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Friendster, and Twitter. God bless us all!

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