Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some News and Notes

* For those of you who have been following us on Twitter for the past few weeks, you know what's been happening. If you're not yet a follower just create an account, it's very easy; you can also follow us on your mobile phone.

* July's feels really weird. We had the multicab accident, the pathetic bday dinner with Manong and Arnel, the showtime Fridays (3 weeks in a row!), the a(h1n1), the NBA transactions, Neil Rebua quotes from Zadl, Twitter, Opera Mini, Mobile Facebook, the July rain, cooking lunch and dinner at home while listening to a radio station you don't know (like a mom does), etc. Yes, I don't get the picture, really. It's like being sticky and dry at the same time. Stress, routine, redundancy, unpredictability, hassle-bility. Life in a nutshell.

* The Facebook Quiz that I posted yesterday has already been answered by 20 people. Just claim your prize at the cafe this week. Your prize is the result of the quiz, so it's either a choco chip cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, a Bibingkinitan (, a cinnamon roll, or a Blue Crush. Your prize is no longer valid next week.

* There will be another Facebook Quiz next week. It involves something called 1000 pesos. So be prepared and start reading the blogs in any Cafe Antonio website, especially Blogger (

* Our FoM for July doesn't have coffee in it. It's the first and only FoM that isn't espresso-based. The drink is really difficult to make and I'm really proud of it because it doesn't have any blueberry syrup or sauce (except for the blueberry preserves) in it as a base but it still tastes like blueberry. It's still available, order it today!

* Thanks to all our customers, we have lots of new ones last week. It seems like every new person that comes in adds us up on Facebook. We have friend requests everyday. Kudos to hardcore followers on Twitter too.

* Signage lights are okay. At last we have lights, it has been dark up there for the past few weeks. It's really swell to see that yellow glow once again from across the street.

* We have never really formally introduced and welcomed our new cook, Joyceann Damian. Like Joyce, she's been my batchmate since elementary at MSMSI. Actually she sat in front of me back in Grade 5. She's replaced Bessy Espina, our junior barista/cook, who has been concentrating on her studies since she'll be graduating this semester. Thanks for the good times Bessy and welcome to the crew Joyceann!

* Given that, I have taken barista duty on Fridays and Saturdays, showtime days. Neil and Ramhil have been alternating as cook and barista.

* Well that's about it, it's already 11 am, I still have to deliver my laundry at Orange. Got up early, I was supposed to sell the Kia Carnival this morning. But it was moved this afternoon, no worries.

* Okay, see you this week! God bless!

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