Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Got Older But We're Still Young!

Snippets of Last Week's Activities & Festivities

* Joyce just turned 23 last Saturday, which is amazing because we were just 21 years old (we were turning 22 that year) when we started the cafe at Elbi. Oh how time flies... Congrats and God bless Joyce!

* We would like to say thank you and goodbye to our new friends Lindsey Powell and Alissa Goodding -- the Cafe White Mocha Girls -- of the Navigators. They've been our loyal customers during their stay here in the Philippines. Almost everyday, they will arrive very early, several minutes before opening time, and then they'd have coffee at our shop at most two times a day! We would see them having Bible Study in the afternoon with UPLB students and spending time with the UPLB Navigators in the evening. The night before they left, we gave them a bag of Houseblend Coffee Beans, a PBJ poster, and a coffee mug. Says Alissa, " Your coffee is so far the best I ever tasted!" Well thanks guys! "Best" is such a big word, but wow, thanks for your opinion! We will miss you and we will always remember you and the support you have given the cafe. May God bless you and your student ministry with the Navs!

* We had a storm last week. The wind was very strong and it was raining hard. I woke up early one morning (Thursday, I think) and thought that we may have to close for the day if the rain would continue to pour that hard. It subsided and somehow, some sort of miracle just happened, the cafe was full the whole day. Hot coffee was served like water. It was great practice for latte art for Ramhil and I. Elbinizens, you guys are the bomb! Nakakaantok na nga, hassle pa lumabas, sarap matulog o mag Facebook, pero pumunta parin kayo sa Canton, adik! Galeng! We praise God for these blessings that we receive.

* Ise, our barista friend from Starbucks, taught me how to make an Iced White Chocolate Americano last Saturday. She told me a customer of theirs taught her how to do that. I thought that was very cool. So from now on I'll have an alternative to my daily dose of Double Americano. Thanks Ise!

* This has got nothing to do with the cafe but I would just like to share, hehe. Our graphic artist, Jeg, told me about a teriyaki recipe that involves breaded porkchop. I think that's just plain genius. I really appreciated my time talking about recipes and food with Jeg, can't wait to cook with him and try out his recipes.

* I just grew fond at the concept of people teaching me how to do things again, especially when it involves food and drinks. AND advertising. Thanks to Sherwin again for stimulating my mind again and challenging us to do more stuff for the cafe. Very healthy because being dull, stagnant, and complacent kills me.

* We have a new housekeeper at the cafe! Well, she's not exactly new, she was supposed to be our first one but she's back after 3 housekeepers left. Welcome back Ate Mila! I hope you would stay longer than the others. Cleaning in the morning and working at night is just plain wrong, it doesn't get any "wronger-rer" than that. I mean, you don't get to sleep anymore, you rest in between packets of time. The concept of morning, noon, and nigttime no longer exists. You wake up on the same day 3 times, weird weird weird. Anyway, I'm glad that's over. Moving on!

* The week looks very promising, we just paid our rent and we're ready for another six rounds of cafe life. Some people just enjoy doing the things they do, even if the pay's not that good, or now matter how repetitive things get, sometimes things just have to get done. We have come to accept that and it's very comforting to think that we have a role, no matter how small or big it is, in the lives of many. I love being a barista, it's my life and it will continue to be my passion. With that, we assure you guys that every drink we serve is a reflection of what we stand for, what we believe in, and what we love to do! Yeah!

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