Sunday, October 4, 2009

CAnton Runs on Tropa-wer!

* Oh my, it's been days since I've gone online. I didn't get the chance to update you guys about this month's Flavor of the Month, the very popular Brownie Fudge Frothiccino (BFF) or the Ultimate Fattening Frothiccino, as I personally like to call it. Yes, it's back, after a year! It was so highly anticipated, it was ordered 8 times on its first day last Thursday and 8 times again in one hour the next day! For our new customers, the BFF is like a drink and a dessert in a 16-oz cup. It has two kinds of chocolate pastries (baked by Yummings Pastry Shop) literally crammed in a chocolate and Irish cream-based Frothiccino. It's really a treat for those who love brownies and chocolate. You get all of these delicious goodness for only 130 pesos.

* Have you noticed our Shirts Avenue display at the back of the bookshelf? Well, for those of you who ordered UP shirts at the cafe, your shirts will be a bit delayed. Shirts Avenue's printing press is in Marikina and it has temporarily stopped operations due to Typhoon Ondoy. We will just inform you about further developments. You can still reserve shirts at the cafe.

* Last week was a crazy week for us. Everybody was prepared for another typhoon and customer turnout was a little unpredictable. Typhoon Pepeng got a lot of hype, so Showtime Friday last week wasn't exactly the showtime we were expecting. Thursday night attracted more people and also Saturday, maybe it's a way of celebrating Pepeng's no-show in Elbi. Thankfully, Pepeng didn't become the kind of typhoon we were expecting. We're definitely not ready for another blow just yet.

* Again, we would like to thank our customers for a successful run last week, in spite of the calamities and the odds that defy us, it's always comforting for us to see that the CAnton faithful is always there to support us. Remember last Tuesday night? That was really something else, we had people waiting outside because the cafe was so full we ran out of tables. And last Saturday, even though the air-conditioning had gone bonkers, droves of people still went in. Is this encouragement or pressure? Or both?

* If the band, Meliora, has Tro-fans on Facebook (tropa who are fans), CAnton runs on Tropa-wer, where friends of friends of friends just support each other. I'm really looking forward to this week. We'll be buying new trashcans, the kind where you can segregate the plastics, paper, and biodegradable stuff. And I'll be the barista again tomorrow (Monday) because Neil has to finish a number of requirements before the semester ends.

* Well, I hope we all end the semester just right, with no hang-ups whatsoever. And I hope you guys would celebrate good times at CAnton when all these first sem drama ends, just like last year!

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