Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cafe Antonio Sessions

* We didn't expect to be so exhausted after the Soundhole gig last Saturday night, July 24. The energy was so high, we couldn't help but sing along and dance even to the mellowest of songs. They were that good. I didn't know that "1, 2, 3, 4" by The Plain White T's can produce as much energy and excitement as, let's say, Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." 

* A lot of people came to watch Cafe Antonio Sessions 2, thankfully. The first gig was an intimate, "sa-sala-ng-kaibigan-ko" kinda performance, only the crew and a few friends got to watch. But this time it was epic. Well, that was epic for us already, we only have a few tables anyway.

* Cafe Antonio Sessions is a series of gigs conceptualized for the purpose of enabling bands with similar musical genres to play together in a single venue (wow, ang tagal kong inisip yung wording nun, haha).

* The first two gigs featured veteran acoustic/alternative band, Soundhole (but from now on let's just call them Lenard Eric) and newbie, piano rock/acoustic punk band, Juniper Face the Corner. The former covered songs by Tonic, John Mayer, Howie Day, Dashboard Confessional, and Dave Matthews Band. While the latter covered piano anthems from Snow Patrol and Augustana, and acoustic renditions of emo/pop-punk hits from Anberlin and Cinematic Sunrise. 

* This Saturday, JFTC will play another gig at the cafe, this time with, pop-rock band, Yield Avenue. Their sound reminds me of a combination of Sugarfree and Silent Sanctuary. They're the soft-rock, OPM department of Cafe Antonio Sessions, since Lenard Eric and JFTC prefer covering foreign alternative and indie bands. If you already have their CD, you can come and watch them live this Saturday night, 8 pm. Click the link below to watch their music video, "Hanggang Dulo." The video was shot at the old site, so the song really means a lot to us.

* August 14 is Dave Matthews Band Night, that would be Cafe Antonio Sessions 4 already! We'll be having tribute nights every once in a while wherein all the participating bands will perform their own renditions of the featured artist. Last week, Eric Lenard and JFTC chose DMB to be the first band to be featured in tribute night. 

* Great start! Hey, if you're a band, a duo, or singer-songwriter and you listen to any of the artists we like (checkout our Facebook and MySpace page) just visit us at cafe. 

"what's good about music is that you can never say enough is enough and i'll stop when it's over coz it's never gonna end" (CafeAntonioElbi Tweet, July 26, Sunday, 11:04 pm)

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