Monday, July 5, 2010

Unflipping the Facebook

* I make sure that I spend a few hours online at least once a week. It's part of my job as the self-appointed blogger of Cafe Antonio Elbi. I remember last Monday I was on a writing spree. I started slow then I got into a groove...boom, two articles. But that was it. I didn't had the desire to go online again last week. It was my birthday last Friday, by the way. I just turned 24. We're still trying to finish off the chocolate cakes. Anyway, sometimes I get this feeling that I don't want to know what's happening around me for a change. Maybe I was just searching for the "bliss" in the "ignorance" or maybe I just don't want to say  online what we're up to.

* Facebook is a good thing. It gives us prep time and material for hardcore barkada and/or family bonding. But sometimes we get to the point where we try to tell someone something and all you'll get is, "Ah, nabasa ko nga sa Facebook." And you go, "O nga naman".  You either build up things from there or just end the communication process entirely. It goes either way. If I were still a sociology student, I'd make a study about "the evolving social exchanges of people as determined, influenced, and/or hindered by the social networking site, Facebook." That title is up for grabs, improve on it.

* It was just a breath of fresh air just to realize that my life isn't dependent online. Although our business relies heavily on online presence and activity. Ironic.


* Lenard and Eric (formerly known or sometimes known as Soundhole when they're a full band), performed last Saturday night at the cafe in front of...well, the staff and a handful of people. Well that's okay. It wouldn't look good if we were full anyway, there's nothing indie rock about that. Zooey Deschanel in Yes Man comes to mind again. My band, Juniper Face the Corner, started the night with four songs. We hope we could develop our "Cafe Antonio Sessions" (inspired by the AOL Sessions, thanks Kuya Jeg) in the near future and have a performance regularly. If you're a singer/songwriter or a band that plays similar music as ours (you're in if you know Ingrid Michaelson and Josh Kelley) then you're welcome to join us in our mini sets. Be warned, it's cramped in here! But I think "cozy" or "intimate" are better terms.

* FoM! Yes it's back! Our first ever FoM was created out of boredom sometime in July 2008. The product of that boredom was the Blueberry Cheesecake Blended Cream. It has no coffee, so I guess this is our most accessible FoM. It has white chocolate and real blueberries blended with ice and milk. But the real treat here is the whipped cream, crushed grahams, and blueberry preserves on top of the drink. It's a blueberry cheesecake transposed to the drinkable tune of a milkshake. So I hope you guys enjoy it this July.

* Lots more to come! Can't tell 'em all here! Haha! Thanks blog readers.

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