Monday, June 28, 2010

Making a Simple Relationship Work

* So here we are, it's our fourth week at LB Square, CAnton's new home. I could say that life for us has changed a lot...uhh, but not really, it's been modified, I guess. Having two shifts is like having two branches. For me, I can't help but visit the morning shift every once in a while. And staying all night at the cafe has become a habit for me. I have nothing to do at home anyway. 

* The pressure for me is to keep things fresh. As I've always said in this blog, complacency is a sin. I get nervous when I feel relaxed. An empty "To Do List" is not a life well spent. Something always needs to be done. There are many holes and cracks to be filled. 

* I have lots of free time, honestly. I'm a bench player. I play when someone's tired or injured. But at the same time I'm the coach. So I think that makes me a playing coach...yeah. I don't want to leave my team on the court or on the field. I always want to be on the sidelines watching. But I guess these guys need to learn how to play on their own. Retz and Neil, they're our managers together with the occasional Ate Marisse of ours. They've worked long enough at the cafe to handle a day or even a week's worth of operations. But of course, I still need to be there. I have a vision for the cafe that's hasn't come true yet. It's something I can't explain without the use of hand gestures and facial expressions. 

* I'm in a creative slump right now. I'm a streaky player like Ray Allen. I set a finals record one day then I don't make a single shot the next day. These slumps are unexplainable. Is it the weather? Is it the social conditions? (haha)  I just can't figure it out! 

* I formed a band just this afternoon with my young friend, Gelo. We call ourselves Juniper Face the Corner. We're an indie synth pop duo. Retz will be our occasional drummer. The formation of the band is somehow a venting out of creative frustrations that I just couldn't  fulfill. Playing an instrument with another musician just feels so good. It's a drugged state. It's floating in a wall of sound, a sea of notes. 

* Where am I getting to? Maybe I just want to reconcile two of the most important things in the world for me: coffee and music. It's not a weird combination, it's the norm. They're like husband and wife. And I'm getting frustrated I couldn't get them to marry. Wow, writing really makes me see things. It's just like thinking aloud. I really have no idea what to blog tonight. 

* Coffee and music. It's a simple relationship that I just can't figure out. At least for now. When I say music, it's not just the stuff we play at the cafe, it's a culture. By the way, props to those who appreciate the playlists I painstakingly put together during weekends. The mixes are a day long, so you really have to stay all day to hear them all. There, I have a title for the blog. Thank you Reflection for the idea.

* I think that's it. 

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