Monday, June 21, 2010

Pets are Angels

* Last week, I received news from my sister, Joyce, that her old dog, Leia, was dying. I came to their house immediately and saw the poor dog lying motionless inside her travel bag. I sat beside her, petted her head and gazed at her blind eyes. Yes, she's a blind old dog that my sister met when she was still working in a clinic in Singapore. Leia kept my sister special company when they were still in the land of the Merlion. My sister considered Leia as her own baby.  

* Leia is special to me too because she kept me company when I was training to become a barista in Singapore way back in 2007. I would always tell my sister to bring Leia home with her when she decides to come back to the Philippines permanently. She eventually did and now Leia is a Filipino citizen residing in Marymount Subdivision. As I looked at her in her sad state, memories of previous pets came back. I recounted the number of times my heart was broken when different pets I grew up with died or was taken away. As of now, Leia is slowly getting better. It is solely by God's grace that this 12 year old dog is still alive. Maybe she has one last task to do in this Earth.

* Today, a special pet passed away. He's not my pet, he's Ate Marisse's cat, Mac. You may have seen him several times at the cafe sleeping on the floor or just playing with the customers and crew. He reminds me of Garfield and my Siamese cat, Sam (she passed away a long time ago). They all share the lazy, fat cat persona, which I truly adore in a cat. Ate Marisse loves Mac very much, she always keeps her nails and her ears clean. And he would always smell good when he comes to visit the cafe. It's sad that Mac (he's our cafe mascot, by the way), didn't have the chance to visit the new site. I remember Ate Marisse always telling me that she would bring Mac one of these days.

* Pets are here for a purpose. They love their masters and we love them back. We learn a lot from each other and a special bond is forged that the relationship between pet and owner becomes equal to that of a friend or a family member. When I looked at Leia's eyes, it led me to believe that pets could be angels sent by God to take care of us. I would imagine that I would see my pets in heaven in a different form and talk to them and thank them for what they have done for me. Of course, this has no Biblical basis. But every pet owner hopes and prays that this is true. Mac brought the best out of Ate Marisse and the same goes to all the people he met in his long life. He taught us to care and love and in return we get a warm feeling or a sense of comfort and goodness in his presence. 

* Mac, may you rest in peace, I know you're up there and we hope to see you again someday. I'm really hoping to.

* RIP to Fluffy, Bingo, Sam, Sweetie, Friskie, Woogie, Oreo, Hi-ro, Cream-O, Leonardo and Michaelangelo. I love you all guys. 

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