Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adjustment Period

* Most of us are sick today. I think that's just adrenaline from last week wearing off or just stress taking over. Last week was just crazy, the grand opening, ribbon cutting and dedication, Open Mic Nite, showtime Friday...whew! Thanks to our photographers and Facebook, pictures of the events have been uploaded already to keep you guys updated. Well, I think it will take a few more weeks for our bodies to adjust to the early opening and the late closing. 

* With a runny nose, I type this entry, I'm not really feeling "creative" right now nor "reflective". My laptop's broken, my phone's broken, my break light's broken. The challenge is to take the punches as they come. Somehow I've longed for this moment to come. It's inevitable. When good things start an 8-0 scoring run against the bad things, the bad things will rally for a comeback. But of course, the good things can always win with a game-winning three. 

* Thanks to all the people who came last week to support our first week at LB Square. We had a great time. We hope to buy a new air-conditioner to serve you better. Peace out.

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