Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Earning Your Stripes Before Jumping for the Shot

* I apologize for the blog-less week last week. Of course my reason is, as always...all together now...we've been busy. As much as I want to write and update our readers about what the cafe is up to everyday to keep things fresh and current, I simply cannot due to lack of resources. But then again, it isn't indie rock to have all the resources at your fingertips. Sometimes it's cool to be lacking. Sometimes it's cool to say, "Wala na kong pera toool!

* Last January 8 we went to Tambayan 101.9 at the ABS-CBN compound with Yield Avenue. It's their second time to be invited at the program, Break Mo To, but this one is special because they're the first band to be invited to play in 2011. Aside from the band, Eri and Kukay were there to accompany their respective boyfriends, Khitz and Noe. Manong was in his usual manong form to drive us to QC. And Zadl and I were in our Yield Avenue band shirts covering the occasion. Not to be left out, the CAnton Gang brought an actual radio (radyo! radyo!) to the cafe and huddled together to listen to Yield Avenue perform like proud brothers and sisters. It was a good experience for us. It was actually my first time to be inside a radio station booth. We ended the night with Mang Inasal, a fast food chain that we might not go back to anytime soon. Maybe 2 months. And yes, there were 9 of us inside the multicab, complete with 2 guitars, a bass guitar, and a cajon. Imagine...imagine all the people crammed inside the multicab. It's a "bonding" van.

* After a few days we were on the road again for the gig at Alphaland Southgate Mall, again, with Yield Avenue, sans Jhomel the drummer. That was January 12. It's our second time to accompany them at Alphaland. The first time we went there we were with LIME. They were also supposed to play in this gig but due to some unfortunate circumstances, they weren't able to go with us. I invited Juniper Face the Corner and Gabes Torres to play with Yield Avenue but they weren't also available also. So that's why Yield Avenue was the only band to perform that night. Guess what we had for dinner, yes, Mang Inasal. It was free, so go inasal! Thanks again to Rane Javier, the organizer of the gigs at Alphaland for giving us another opportunity to showcase LB-based talent. Thanks also to our friends, Nestle and Mako, we've been tighter since the first gig. I miss you guys already. I almost forgot, before we went to Alphaland, we had a cafe managers' meeting at Rizal, Laguna in the morning. I just wanted to throw that in. Thanks to my Pop for facilitating us in developing our company philosophy and core values.

* After 3 days, January 15, the CAnton crew dedicated all their remaining energy to our friend, Gabes Torres' debut album launch. It was the first album launch for Cafe Antonio Sessions and we certainly enjoyed preparing everything for the event. It kinda reminded us of our high school days when we put all our effort in designing and conceptualizing our stage plays. It was a smooth, smooth, smooth gig. Everything went according to plan.   Well, not exactly but that doesn't matter. Even the rain cooperated, it started pouring right just after the gig. We're all so proud of Gabes and the success she's having in her music career at such a young age. We'll always be there to support you. And I'm especially proud of Jeg, Julius, Dan, and the CAnton Gang for all the logistics, the planning, coordination, and support to make everything possible. Personally, the gig opened a lot of fresh new ideas for me.

* This is work for us, it's fun but it's still work. When you're having fun with your work, you won't feel like you're working. I'm very glad I'm involved in a group or a company like this wherein everything is just an outpour of ideas, passion, and creativity. But aside from this, what you see at the cafe or what I write in our blogs, we also do a lot of boring, hassle adult work. To be able to handle this boring, hassle adult work, one must have the right mindset and must be in the right position and time before doing anything else. Acting silly and being fun-loving needs to have a solid foundation too, if not we would just all be bums. What I've learned from being a student remains true, "do your homework, then watch TV the rest of the night." 

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